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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a CNET Editors’ Choice award pick, offers hundreds of games you can play on the Xbox Series X (or Series S), Xbox One and PC for $17 a month. With a subscription, you get new games every month — like the Resident Evil 3 remake — and other benefits including online multiplayer and deals on non-Game Pass titles.

Here are the titles Xbox will add to the game service soon.

Bluey: The Videogame

Available now.

The game based on the popular animated series is now on Game Pass. You can play as Bandit, Chili, Bingo or Bluey as you explore areas from the show, like the Heeler house, the playground and the creek. You can also play games from the show, like Keepy Uppy and Chattermax Chase. And who knows, maybe you’ll see some gray nomads while you’re playing.

Dead Island 2

Available now.

Less than a year after it was released, you can now play this zombie survival game on your Xbox console or in the cloud, as long as you have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription — sorry PC gamers. In this title, you and your band of survivors are looking for a way out of the zombie-infested streets of Los Angeles. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The dark humor in this gory title is reminiscent of films like Zombieland and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, so don’t be surprised if you chuckle to yourself as you swing a bat at a zombie’s head.

Tales of Arise

Available now.

This action-filled role-playing game tells the story of the opposing planets Rena and Dhana. Two people from opposite walks of life join forces — along with a motley crew of freedom fighters, nobles and other unique characters — to create a better future for all.


Available: Feb. 27

Xbox is bringing this title back to Game Pass Ultimate less than a year after removing it from the service. In this game, you play as a bull shark bent on revenge against the fisherman who killed your mom and disfigured you when you were younger. It’s like Bambi if the titular deer decided it was open season on the hunter who killed his mother. 

Madden NFL 24 (Cloud)

Available: Feb. 27

The latest installment in the football franchise arrived on console just before the Super Bowl, and now the game is arriving on Xbox Cloud Gaming. The title introduces some new gameplay mechanics, like an upgraded passing system that adds jump and dive passes to your arsenal. Your in-game playbook has also been expanded, putting more than 70 new formations and at least 500 new plays at your disposal.


Available: Feb. 28

This title is making its return to Game Pass Ultimate after Xbox removed it from the service in 2021. In this roleplaying platformer, you play as Ajna who learns how her mysterious power can save her world.

Space Engineers

Available: Feb. 29

Engineering, exploration and survival are some of the key characteristics of this sandbox game. In this game you build and pilot ships, travel through space and explore planets to find resources in order to survive. So don’t be afraid to get creative to bring some of your wildest ideas to life. 

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

Available: March 5

Scour your enemies from the stars as you step into the armor of a Space Marine in this Doom-style frenetic retro shooter. Search an alien planet for a source of immense power that could help the Imperium of Man destroy those who stand in its way. Don’t fail your brothers, and make the God Emperor proud.

Titles leaving Game Pass

While you’ll be able to play the above titles on Game Pass Ultimate, there are two games that are leaving the service on Feb. 29. So finish up any side quests or you’ll have to buy these titles separately.

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