We rode the Jurassic World VR Expedition, and it’s worth the 5 bucks video – CNET

[UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] Jurassic World $5 at the Dave and Busters locations and you’re sitting in the simulator. Dave and Busters has a lot of big arcade and simulator ride And Jurassic World is a VR simulated ride. So you’re not wandering around, you’re sitting in this kind of roller-coaster experience that bounces and moves while you’re seated. And then you aim around and scan dinosaurs while you’re wearing a headset. It’s only $5 which compared to a lot of VR experiences can be a lot more expensive. Some of those 25 minute ones can be like $25. Generally they tend to be about $1 For a minute. This one looked pretty good. It was very immersive, there are fans blowing on you so it feels like wind is going by. And it’s not too scary. It’s basically, almost feels like a Disney ride through the dinosaur world. And a bit like those Sega arcade games, there’s even a Jurassic Park one that was made in the past, where you had to hunt and ride in a Jeep. So it’s more like a ride, less like VR where you’re wondering through a whole room. The 3D effect was good, you don’t see the other people on your cars though, it’s only by yourself. And then you got a score at the end of how many dinosaurs you’ve got Dave & Buster’s is apparently planning to build a number of these simulators to run a whole bunch of other experiences down the road. Maybe not and they think they’re gonna play lazer tag, but you can at least put on a headset on for a few minutes and do this. Thanks for watching! It’s very loud in here! I’m Scott Stine at Dave & Buster’s in New York City. [BLANK_AUDIO]