Valve’s SteamOS 3.5 Previews VRR and HDR for Steam Deck

Valve has unveiled the beta version of its SteamOS 3.5 for its Steam Deck. This update introduces a range of display settings, performance boosts, and system enhancements for the portable game console, reports Phoronix. In addition, the update optimizes gaming performance for titles like Starfield.

When connecting their devices to compatible external displays, Steam Deck users can now experience Variable Refresh Rates (VRR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Additionally, the color rendering has been adjusted to provide a richer and warmer visual quality, reports The Verge. For those who wish to personalize their display settings further, options to modify color vibrancy and temperature have been added.

On the performance front, SteamOS 3.5 promises a smoother gaming experience. The graphics drivers have been refined, leading to notable improvements in games, including Starfield, a popular new space RPG. While this game is not officially endorsed for the Steam Deck, many gamers are playing it on the device. Another enhancement is the quicker sleep and resume functionality to return users to their games faster.

There are several system-related upgrades for those using the Linux Desktop Mode on their Steam Deck. The foundation, Arch Linux, has received an update, and the Plasma desktop interface has been revamped. This new interface version presents an updated app store, innovative widgets, and a revamped window tiling mechanism, enhancing user experience.

Lastly, the update delves into the device’s BIOS settings. Users now have ‘voltage offset settings,’ potentially allowing for adjustments in the device’s power consumption and performance. Those eager to experience the new features of SteamOS 3.5 can access the preview version through the device’s settings, with an option to revert if stability issues arise.