This 25-inch Samsung Odyssey G4 monitor is only $199 for the first time at Amazon

Right now at Amazon, you can find the 25-inch Samsung Odyssey G4 gaming monitor for one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. This gaming display has a recommended price of $349 but right now you can purchase it for just $199. ThIs is part of a limited offer but Amazon hasn’t specified exactly when the discount will expire.

Although this monitor has somewhat of a standard FHD resolution, it packs an extra feature that lets you get a little more out of your gaming. The Odyssey G4 monitor sports what Samsung calls Ultrawide Game View mode. This lets you set the monitor to a 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing you to see more areas within a game despite not having a monitor with a ultrawide resolution. Whether this feature will appeal, with the inevitable black bars introduced to the top and bottom of this 16:9 physical display is something a buyer will have to decide.

The Samsung Odyssey G4 uses an IPS panel that spans 25 inches across, corner to corner, with an FHD resolution that packs in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Under the right conditions, the Odyssey G4’s refresh rate can get as high as 240 Hz. It has a notably short response time of just 1ms, as well.

This monitor is AMD FreeSync Premium certified, which guarantees additional things like low framerate compensation (LFC) support as well as low latency. Considering color reproduction and quality, this wide-viewing-angle display covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut while the brightness is capable of maxing out at 400 nits.

Visit the Samsung 25-inch Odyssey G4 gaming monitor product page at Amazon for more details and purchase options.