The ultimate smart desk video – CNET

Productivity has never looked so sexy. This is the Cemtrex Smart Desk, supporting 72 inches of touchscreen real estate, across three displays. In addition to touch, it also supports hand gestures. Two-finger up and down for scroll, swipe your hand left or right to turn pages, and a camera gesture To take a screen shot to name a few. These are all made possible by a proprietary software Windows only from Cemtrex and it’s censored towards the end of the desk. The gestures take some getting used to and were a little buggy during the demo but the touchscreen worked just fine. The SmartDesk ships with wireless headphones, a speakers, a camera and inductive cellphone charger And a custom 8 Gen Intel Core i7 discrete graphics system. The scanner feature was pretty impressive. Just place a document or image to the left of the built-in keyboard, hit scan, and voila. The height of the desk can be adjusted by the press of a button. It’s extremely clean and neat, requiring only one cable to run from it. For those not a fan of the shiny finish they’re planning a matte finish too. One question I had to ask Are you gonna make one for gamers? I got a smile with no confirmation or denial. Overall, we found the [UNKNOWN] very impressive for a prototype. You can expect to see this bad boy on the market later this year, retailing for about $4,000 US.