The top 5 features we want to see in a Google Pixel notebook video – CNET

These are the top five features we want in a Google Pixel notebook. Reports say Google is working on a new Chromebook, and it will carry the Pixel branding. If Google really is working on a laptop, it needs these features to be great. At number five, a stylus. Think about the Surface or the Samsung Chromebook Pro, both work with styli. A Google Pixel notebook could have the same feature so you can scribble on the screen when it’s in tablet mode, which gets us to number four. Number four is some kind of tablet mode. The Samsung Chromebook Pro has a hinge that let’s you fold the screen all the way back so you can use it as a tablet. But Google doesn’t have to follow that model if it doesn’t want to. Maybe the rip off Microsoft Surface Book, or the screen can be removed from the keyboard base. Either way, a tablet mode would be great on a Pixel Chromebook. At number 3 is a super high res screen. The Pixel is a premium brand, so Google better not stick a paltry 1080p screen in there. The Pixel C is a pretty good start, with its 2,560 by 1,800 resolution. Plus, Android apps would look great on a hi-res screen, which brings us to number two. At number two is really good Google Play integration. A number of Chromebooks can access the Google Play store to download Android apps. However, not every app works on these notebooks. Who better than Google to figure out how to make a laptop that can fully take advantage of all those Android apps? The number one feature we want out of a Google Pixel Notebook is a reasonable price. Do you remember the original Chromebook Pixel? It started at $1300 for a Chromebook. That was insane. Don’t even think about a hitting $1000 google unless it comes with a free Pixel 2 phone or something. Thanks to CNET Dan Ackerman for helping out with this top five. I’m Iyaz akhtar and I’ll see you online. [MUSIC]