The Phanteks Evolv Shift 2, one of our favorite ITX cases, is now just $49 after rebate

If you’re looking out for a new ITX case and also fancy something that has a small footprint and takes up less room on your desk then this might be the deal for you, as long as you don’t mind using a rebate to get a $30 discount on this case deal. 

Available at Newegg is the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 mini-ITX for just $49 thanks to a $30 rebate on top of the already reduced price of $79 from the MSRP of $119. That’s a fantastic price for what is a great ITX case with some great features. We reviewed the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 and scored it 4.5 stars – earning it an Editor’s Choice award. The main features we liked about the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 were its beautiful, thick glass & aluminum paneling, small footprint, integrated D-RGB lighting and controller, plus the fact it could fit large GPUs. The negatives included only having room for 120mm AIO CPU coolers, a tight build space, and the riser cable only supporting PCIe 3.0.

Because this is an ITX case and is designed to be more vertical with a reduced footprint, building your PC in the case can be a little bit more challenging than usual. Although the Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 can impressively fit in some larger components, it’s also going to be a tight fit sometimes, with limits on how big certain components can be, and with this particular glass side-panel version, there is also an added limit on heat. It’s recommended to not go over 250W with your GPU or risk turning up the temp inside your case. I’ve got to admit that it’s a very attractive-looking case to have on your desk, though.