Take Up to 30% Off Keychron’s Excellent Mechanical Keyboards This Black Friday Week – CNET

There are tons of different ways to get text into a computer and there are plenty of keyboards available for you to choose from. But when it comes to the clicky clack of mechanical keyboards Keychron is one of the biggest names around. And this Black Friday is the time to pick one up and see what all of the fuss is about.

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Picking up a bargain Keychron is easier than you might think right now, with Amazon offering you the chance to save up to 30% without any of those annoying discount codes or on-screen coupons. Just pick your keyboard, place your order, and then start to make some space on your desk for your new toy.

There are multiple keyboards for you to pick from including some really small and some full-size models. Some of these keyboards have backlit keys while hot-swappable switches are also offered in some of these models. Make sure to pick the one that best fits your needs and aesthetic preferences. 

The K6 Pro is a personal favorite of mine, and right now it’s available for just $99 which is 20% off. It comes with hot-swappable switches so you can customize the feel and sound, and the whole keyboard can be reprogrammed using the QMK/VIA software if you want to.

Looking to save money but don’t need a new keyboard? Don’t worry, there are plenty of Amazon Black Friday deals available across a whole range of products so be sure to dive in before these holiday discounts come to a close.

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