Samsung’s 2nd Gen 55-inch Odyssey Ark 4K gaming monitor falls to lowest-ever price

The Samsung Odyssey Ark isn’t your average everyday gaming monitor. Not only is this thing the size of your average television, but it’s also curved to the extreme and features a novel mechanism that allows you to tilt the monitor into a ‘cockpit’ mode for an interesting way to consume your media, or a change to how you perform your usual workflow. 

The Samsung Odyssey Arc is an imposing monolith of a monitor that at its original $3000 price tag puts a lot of people off by the price alone. Today, Samsung’s Second Gen Odyssey Arc falls to $1,799 its lowest-ever price on Amazon and this is for the now-refined second-gen iteration of this monitor with some essential quality-of-life enhancements such as a DisplayPort connection.

With a 1000R curve, a large 55-inch Quantom Mini-LED screen with a 4K resolution, and the ability to rotate vertically into its unique cockpit mode. The Samsung Odyssey Ark surrounds you with its size and curvature to immerse you in whatever game you’re playing. To enhance your experience further this screen comes with an impressive sound solution with speakers set in the corners of the monitor and built-in sub-woofers to create an advertised surround sound dome to encapsulate your ears.

This is a big and heavy monitor so it will need ample desk space to install, plus with such a large screen it’s always better to sit a little way back from the screen for a better visual experience. Now that the monitor also includes a DisplayPort in its connection lineup, it’s much more appropriate for a gaming PC and for hitting that 165Hz refresh rate. 

The second-generation Arc includes an advanced remote control to help navigate the OSD and Samsung gaming hub. You can connect multiple devices into a hub so that you can simultaneously display and control multiple input sources all at once.