Samsung Galaxy Ring: Everything You Need to Know video


The long awaited Samsung Galaxy Ring is here and it’s ready to wrap itself around your finger. But is the Galaxy Ring ready to become Lord of the smart rings? Let’s find out. I spent about an hour with a $400 Galaxy ring. And the thing I was most surprised about was how light and easy to wear it is compared to some other smart rings that I’ve tried. It weighs only 3 g and looks like an ordinary band so you could easily mistake it for a wedding band. It’s made of Titanium and has a subtle concave dip which helps it look more like jewelry. It’s got a long list of health tracking tools on board like sleep and workout tracking. There’s a cool gesture to remotely control your phone and the transparent charging case is actually really nice to answer some of the big questions. First one. Yes, it really does cost $400. That seems like a lot compared to the $300 or a ring. But don’t forget that ring needs a $6 monthly subscription to see pretty much all of your health data. The Galaxy Ring has no subscription Thank you Samsung. Number two, ring is Android only for now. It’s kind of a bummer because other smart rings like the ultra human air, the aura and amaze fit ring work across ecosystems. But hey, I’m not too surprised about this. Given the galaxy watch has been Android only for a few years now. And number three, it comes in nine different sizes and three titanium finishes, gold, silver or black. And if you preorder from Samsung, they’ll send you a sizing kit so you can get the right fit. You can wear the go ring on any finger, but the index finger is recommended for better accuracy. The big focus here is health. So the Galaxy Ring can track activity, sleep steps and heart rate. There’s all the sensors you’d expect like blood oxygen, skin temperature and heart rate plus the ring will measure a lot of specific sleep data like how long it takes you to fall asleep. If you move around a lot during the night and your breathing rate in the morning, you’ll see an energy score out of 100 that takes in account the heart rate, sleep and activity. This is really similar to the aura rings, readiness score or fitbits daily readiness score. Samsung though wants to go one step further than the competition by offering more personalized recommendations via Galaxy A I including wellness tips. This might be advice on anything from exercise goals to sleep. Say the Galaxy Ring says that you take a while to fall asleep. It might then recommend some meditation before bed. And the ring also supports automatic workout detection for a few exercises like walks and runs. So you won’t need to pull out your phone to manually start a workout. The ring is also water resistant and IP 68 rated. So the idea is you’ll wear it 24 7 for all of your health tracking needs. The battery lasts up to six or seven days depending on the ring size. The largest size 12 and 13 rings are the ones that get the longest run time. And if you’re wondering about the new sleep apnea feature that Samsung announced it unpacked, that’s only on the galaxy watch, not the ring. Speaking of the watch, they’ll actually work together. You don’t need both of them for the ring to work. But if you do have the budget for both Samsung health will only take the most accurate data and then it will shutdown some sensors on the other one to save battery life. But it’s the gesture controls that I’m most enamored with at least from my quick hands on. You can double pinch to take a photo or stop a timer on the phone. There’s potential to add even more gestures in the future. But these are the main ones that launch. One other cool thing with the ring is that it connects with Samsung’s Find app to see its last location. On a map. So if you say lose it around the house, pull out your phone, ping the ring and the led s will light up. So it should be easy to find, especially if you say like lose it behind the couch cushions. Now, there are plenty more questions that you might have about the Galaxy Ring. So let me know what you want answered and stay tuned for lots more hands on impressions. And of course, the full review, if you are interested in pre ordering, you can do that now and the Ring goes on sale on July 24th. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time. See ya.