Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache CPUs Could Be Limited To 6-Core, 8-Core Configurations

According to a Bilibili forum post by ECSM_Official, (opens in new tab) AMD could unveil two new Ryzen 7000 processors featuring 3D V-Cache technology in the first half of 2023. However, he also claims that AMD may only introduce a six-core and an eight-core Zen 4 SKU with 3D V-Cache. Unfortunately, ECSM says there’s no news of higher core count V-Cache chips in the works. Nonetheless, take the information with a grain of salt. 

If ECSM’s information is accurate, it seems AMD will start small with its next generation of 3D V-Cache chips by limiting the models to its more budget-friendly six-core and eight-core models. AMD will likely launch them as the Ryzen 5 7600X3D and Ryzen 7 7700X3D, respectively. For this generation, AMD may be extending its 3D V-Cache offers to budget-conscious consumers with the Ryzen 5 7600X3D as opposed to the last generation, which only had the Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

With two options for Ryzen 7000, this will lower the barrier to entry for 3D-Vcache chips on the AM5 platform, now that the six-core has a V-Cache option instead of the 8-core alone. But, pricing is still unknown and will play a critical role in how valuable these chips are. For example, suppose AMD follows the same pricing strategy it did with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. In that case, we’re probably looking at a $100 to $150 premium for the upcoming Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache chips over their vanilla counterparts.

We don’t know how performant Zen 4 with 3D V-Cache will be, but we expect it to represent a good uplift over Zen 3. We’ve already seen optimizations on Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache chips that hint at bandwidth improvements for the stacked 3D cache itself, and this is just one of the improvements we know about right now.

ECSM also shared new rumors on more CPUs and motherboard chipsets coming soon in 2023, including AMD’s budget A620 chipset and AM5-based APUs. The A620 chipset seemingly arrives in Q2 of 2023 and is even cheaper than B650, while the mysterious AMD APU has no set due date or known specifications. But, ECSM says this APU will have a reduced memory frequency of 4800 MHz, suggesting it might run on an older CPU architecture like Zen 3.