Raspberry Pi Alternative Offers Double The RAM For Less Money

The Raspberry Pi has a handful of competitors that release similar SBCs, often with comparable specs in a familiar form factor. Today, we’ve got another alternative board to share that aims to stand as a substitute for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. This board is known as the Orange Pi Zero 2W, and right off the bat, it starts with a base model with twice as much RAM as the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W (1GB vs. 512GB).

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Spec Orange Pi Zero 2W
SoC Allwinner H618 Cortex-A53
CPU 1.5GHz
GPU Integrated Mali G31 MP2 Graphics
Storage microSD
Networking Wi-Fi5, BT5.0, with BLE Support
Video Mini HDMI
Audio Audio Output via 24-pin Expansion Interface
USB 2x USB 2.0 Type-C
GPIO 40-pin
Power 5V at 2A via USB 2.0 Type C port
Dimensions 30 x 65 x 1.2mm

The Orange Pi Zero 2W has the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and features a 40-pin GPIO header. It also uses a microSD card for storage with compatibility with many popular OS choices, including Orange Pi OS, Ubuntu, Debian, and even Android 12 TV. It’s driven by an Allwinner H618 Cortex-A53 processor with a base speed of 1.5 GHz.

The base model is available at AliExpress for $12.90, less than the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, for a recommended price of $15. The Orange Pi Zero 2W is available at Amazon for $15 (USD). If you want to see more about the Orange Pi Zero 2W, you can find spec details on the official Orange Pi website.