Pixel Tablet Deals: Up to $300 in Trade-In Value and Free Services – CNET

While Google’s previous tablets didn’t really do so well, which isn’t a surprise given Apple’s domination of the market, the Pixel Tablet isn’t too bad. In fact, we reviewed it favorably when we had it in our hands, making this a solid option if you’re in the Google ecosystem and want a tablet.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great deals on the Pixel Tablet right now, with most retailers having them at full price or a couple of dollars less. Realistically, your best bet is Best Buy’s trade-in offer, although Google itself does have some free services, which are nice, even if you have to grab it at full price.

Google's Pixel tablet perched on the speaker dock, angled to your left

Google; screenshot by CNET

Google returned to tablets after several iterations of Pixel phones and a lineup of smart home devices, and it’s clear that what it’s learned from those devices is being used in the Pixel Tablet (as well as the new hybrid Pixel Fold). The Pixel Tablet is powered by Google’s in-house Tensor G2 chip, and the Fold’s software experience mirrors that of the Pixel phone rather than leaning into a Chromebook-like experience like the Pixel Slate’s. The included magnetic speaker dock also transforms the Pixel Tablet into a smart display a la the Nest Hub

The Pixel Fold features an 11-inch screen, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. There’s an 8-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and also one on the back for snapping photos.


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How much does the Pixel Tablet cost?

The Pixel Tablet normally costs $499 in the US. That price includes the 128GB tablet as well as the speaker dock that transforms the device into a smart display. The 256GB variant is $599. 

What colors does the Pixel Tablet come in? 

The Pixel Tablet comes in three colors: porcelain, hazel and rose. However, the rose color variant is only available on the base 128GB model. 

Best Pixel Tablet preorder deals

Wellbots is probably the cheapest place you can get the Pixel Tablet if you use the NEW10 code. That will knock $10 off the price and bring it down to $489 for the 128GB version and $589 for the 256GB version.

There are no significant savings from Amazon, although the 128GB version is priced at $493, which is $6 cheaper than full price. The 256GB version doesn’t have any discounts, unfortunately.

Best Buy doesn’t have any direct discounts, even small ones, but you do get up to $300 worth of trade-in, which will bring it down to $199. Of course, you’ll only get that high of a trade-in with newer devices, so you’re more likely looking at $100-$200 worth of trade-in value.

Google doesn’t have any direct downloads, but you can get three months of Google One with 100GB of storage, and three months of YouTube Premium for free. You can also get a 27-day Max With Ads trial if you opt-in to email marketing in setup.