Phanteks Evolv X2 is the perfect showcase PC chassis — floating motherboard tray and recessed fans a delight

Phanteks put on a dazzling show at Computex 2024, showing off a slate of new hardware headlined by the Evolv X2. The Evolv X2 is a triumphant return to the Evolv line, a perennial favorite of Tom’s Hardware. 

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

With its three glass sides, curved metallic top and bottom, recessed fan areas, and floating motherboard tray, the Evolv X2 is a feast for the eyes. A look around the back reveals no secrets, with the motherboard cables tucked perfectly into inset cable channels. Add to this the trademark height of an Evolv case and options for gold accents, we thought this case would cost north of $250. But shockingly, Phanteks targets $150 for the Evolv X2’s MSRP. 

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The interior of the showroom PC looked clean as a whistle, thanks to a mix of industry trends and clever design. The X2 supports the new wave of back-connecting motherboards (BTF, Project Zero, Stealth etc), where all I/O and power connections to the motherboard are hidden away on the rear of the PCB. The motherboard rests a few inches deeper than the rear panel, creating a secret rear channel for hiding away cable clutter. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Phanteks case without some serious RGB integration.

If thermals are your concern, Phanteks did some good work in accommodating a solid airflow stream. With higher than average ground clearance, three bottom intake fans can pull good air in to be expelled by the 4 exhaust fans. While enthusiast hardware may get hot, a mainstream system should perform fine. Still, we’ll have to put the case through our testing to say for sure.

Phanteks Evolv X2 at Computex 2024 in gold

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

If you’re looking for a case to showcase your build without spending $200 or more, the Evolv X2 looks to be a tough case to beat. Its innovative styling and floating motherboard tray will likely make this case a mainstay of the midrange market upon its release. We are basing our coverage off of the prototype model, but Phanteks expects to have the case ready for launch later this year.