Passwords Could Go Extinct Soon, Fortnite Returns to iOS (Sort Of) video – CNET


Speaker 1: This is CNET. And here are the stories that matter right now, apple, Google, and Microsoft are teaming up. The three huge companies are working with the Fido Alliance to begin offering passwordless technology. Fido is short for fast identity online instead of using unreliable password logins, apps and websites could identify you with a fingerprint reader, face scanner, or even your phone and apple senior director said the change would help offer maximum security while keeping [00:00:30] users personal information safe. Fido said it expects the new capabilities to arrive on devices, powered by apple, Google, and Microsoft in the next year. Fortnite is now free to play on Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming for mobile desktop and console. The move will effectively let people play Fortnite in a way, similar to how they stream videos from companies like Netflix. Microsoft said it’s partnership with epic maker of Fortnite will allow anyone to play with, or without a subscription [00:01:00] gamers will be able to play on an iPhone or iPad or Android device, even though both apple and Google have banned Fortnite from the respective app stores amid and ongoing legal dispute. TikTok said it’s exploring its first ad revenue sharing program, which would pay 50% of the money generated from some advertising to top creators. The revenue sharing is linked to a new kind of advertising on the service called TikTok pulse, which would start letting advertisers pay to place their branded [00:01:30] posts next to the top 4% of tos each day to qualify for the program, a TikTok account would need a minimum of 100,000 followers. Initially stay up to date with the latest by visiting