One Netbook shares full specs plus launch and pricing plans for its OCuLink OneXGPU eGPU

One Netbook has shared full specifications and launch plans for its highly anticipated OneXGPU today. Claimed to be the “world’s first product to integrate a portable external GPU and storage,” the OCuLink or USB4-connected device will hit IndieGoGo at 8 am PST on Nov 28, with $599 early bird pricing. We also received a slew of slides highlighting product features.

From previous product teasers, we knew the OneXGPU would come with a built-in AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT GPU and a vacant M.2 storage slot. With its fast OCuLink and USB4 connection options and a host of built-in extra ports, it will thus make a good desktop dock for road warriors returning home who appreciate a GPU boost. However, we noted, and it is confirmed today, that the M.2 slot is restricted to PCIe 2.0 speeds (about 2 GB/s at best).

(Image credit: One Netbook)

Above, you can see the key features and specs of the upcoming OneXGPU. The table to the right confirms the embedded RX 7600M XT will run at a game frequency of up to 2.3 GHz and allow a power budget of up to 120W. AMD’s RX 7600M GPUs launched in January, but we haven’t seen many laptops launch packing these GPUs and thus haven’t tested them in the labs.

The limited data we have seen suggests that the RX 7600M XT trades blows with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 (Laptop) GPU. However, this eGPU’s 2048 Stream Processors and 8 GB of GDDR6 will elevate it far above the best integrated graphics in laptops or mini PCs which might partner with it.

Other specs we’d like to highlight are the multitude of ports provided, which includes four monitor connectors and Gigabit Ethernet. Also, the internal PSU is beefy enough to run the GPU at full throttle while powering/charging connected devices up to 100W.

With the distribution on the press release, One Netbook has also shared a few videos showcasing the OneXGPU. This video shows the device connected to a handheld gaming PC for “high FPS.” There is also a launch video of sorts available for your enjoyment. We have embedded probably the most interesting video below, which briefly shows the eGPU accelerating Elden Ring.

With the full specs now in hand, readers will probably be interested in availability and pricing. As mentioned in the intro, One Netbook intends to make its IndieGoGo product page live at 8 am PST on Nov 28, 2023. Via this portal, One Netbook says it will make the OneXGPU available for $599 as an introductory offer for the first 96 hours (4 days) of the crowdfunder. That undercuts GPD’s rival G1 eGPU, which offers the same GPU but lacks the storage expansion option, doesn’t offer Ethernet, misses out on RGB, and currently costs $670. The GPD device only started to ship in October.

Despite One Netbook’s decent reputation, we must now add our standard warning about crowdfunding campaigns. Basically, please remember that backing a crowdfunded project with your hard-earned cash doesn’t provide you any guarantee that you will receive a finished product. There may be multiple schedule slippages to endure, or even worse. It isn’t like the contract you enter when buying a retail product.