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WrestleMania is a two-night extravaganza, so why can’t NXT TakeOver be one too? Stand and Deliver, 2021’s WrestleMania-week NXT pay-per-view, is a two-night affair for the first time ever. Night 1 is currently airing on the USA Network and NBC’s Peacock, while Night 2 will be exclusive to Peacock. That’s Peacock, not the WWE Network.

The Io Shirai defending her NXT Women’s Championship against Raquel González headlines Night 1, and there’s also Walter versus Tommaso Ciampa to look forward to.

Check back to this page from 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET, as I’ll be updating with results and analysis from NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Night 1.

Walter vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This is next, and it should be awesome. 

Bronson Reed wins 6-man Gauntlet match

Bronson Reed will face Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship at Night 2 of TakeOver: Stand and Deliver, after he won a six-man gauntlet match for that opportunity. He won the bout by last eliminating Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

Scott attacked Leon Ruff before the match began, but Ruff got the upper hand before throwing Swerve back in the ring. The match then began as we come back from a commercial break. They wrestle a high-octance few minutes, including a wicked flying cutter from Ruff to Scott off the announcer’s table, before the third man, Bronson Reed, enters the contest. The big man muscles down the two high fliers, culminating in a cool double german suplex on both. Cameron Grimes then enters as the fourth participant. 

Grimes and Scott form an alliance — after Grimes pays him off — and they take out both Ruff and Reed. Ruff uses some awesome acrobatics to escape Grimes’ clutches, but he can’t outrun both and is caught with a suplex by Scott. Scott then hits a nice pump kick on Reed on the outside. Then, as Dexter Lumis enters as the fifth competitor, Scott pinned Ruff following an unseen move from Grimes. Lumis then clears house, including himself when he clothelines himself and Grimes outside of the ring and flies over the ropes in the process. LA Night then enters as the final competitor.

Night scored the second elimination of the bout by pinning Lumis. Lumis had The Silence choke on Grimes, but Night came in and rolled Lumis mid-submission for the pin. Night was quickly eliminated after that, as Scott and Grimes laid him out and then Reed hit a big splash and got the 1-2-3. As Night rolled out of the ring, Lumis choked him out with The Silence.

We got some awesome action with the final three — so much went on it’d be impossible to recap. But Scott got another elimination when he countered a roll-up from Grimes, pinning Grimes with a roll-up of his own. Scott and Reed were the final two. Reed scaled the turnbuckle, which led to an absolutely gnarly spot where Scott powerslammed the much-larger reed on the corner of the ring. He then rolled Reed inside the ring and hit a 450 Splash for a two count.

As Scott trash talks Reed and bltizes him with a barrage of kicks, Reed powered out and planted Scott with a powerbomb — and pinned him after a splash from the top rope.

Rating: 3.75 stars.

Pete Dunn pins Kushida

The grudge match between Pete Dunn and Kushida opened the show. It was a fantastic opener, with great submission wrestling and snug strikes, and was won by Pete Dunn after he hit the Bitter End on Kushida.

It started hot, with Kushida going for a flying armbar straight off the bat. That set the tone for much of the action: These two were trying to out wrestle each other throughout. There were constant submission attempts, and submission counters. A great spot came when Dunn tried a jumping Kimura lock on Kushida, only for Kushida to counter it with a Kimura of his own. Later, Kushida tried the same move on Dunn — a jumping Kimura, or in his case a Hoverboard Lock — but Dunn used his free hand to grab the ropes. Kushida then switched and attacked that arm with a Hoverboard Lock. Great spot.

It wasn’t just submissions though, as it also included plenty of hard-hitting shots. Both men tried to weaken the other’s arms — since armlocks were very hot in this bout — so snug kicks to elbows, arms and shoulders were common. Dunn also used his joint manipulation attacks a lot, and there was some brawling on the entrance ramp that saw Kushida nail a springboard elbow off the ropes.

The finish came after Dunn stomped both of Kushida’s hands. Kushida powered up and hit Dunn with a punch, but he was then stunned by this injured hand. Dunn then hit a Bitter End for the pin.

Rating: 3.75 stars.