Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti with memory mod easily beats RTX 4080 in Superposition benchmark

The benefit of using faster video memory on Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics cards has been demonstrated by Brazilian YouTubers. Hardware tinkerer Paulo Gomes and the overclocking team at TecLab both memory-modded RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics cards and overclocked the GPU (using the stock cooler) to boost performance. Using the Unigine Superposition 8K benchmark to check their handiwork, it is gratifying to see that they could both achieve significantly better 3D benchmark scores than the higher-tier RTX 4080.

Tech site VideoCardz unearthed the two new Portuguese language videos, and noted that Paulo Gomes works with Manli, while TecLab is sponsored by Galax. As rivals, of sorts, this led to Gomes and TecLab competing over who could push the RTX 4070 Ti Super the furthest with the help of a memory mod.

These memory mods required more than ‘simply’ de-soldering and re-soldering faster VRAM chips on the respective graphics card PCBs. Work also had to be done to implement support for the new faster memory chips. Thankfully, the rival teams could rely on the support and expertise of their respective sponsors to get the modded cards up and running without firmware or software issues.

For their competitive testing, the teams agreed to use the stock coolers that their Manli and Galax graphics cards came with. Both firms equip quite beefy triple fan cooling shrouds, so no one had an obvious advantage here. The test comparison platform chosen was Superposition. This attractive benchmark with screen-space ray-traced global illumination and dynamic lighting uses the Unigine 2 engine and targets “extreme hardware stability testing.” Superposition also conveniently includes GPU temperature and clock monitoring.

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Card model

Superposition stock settings Superposition with memory mod and OC

RTX 4080 reference

8,525 (22.4 Gbps)


Manli RTX 4070 Ti Super / Gomes

7,212 (21 Gbps)

8,870 (24 Gbps)

Galax RTX 4070 Ti Super / TecLab

7,028 (21 Gbps)

9,133 (26 Gbps)

Above you can see the collated competition results, showing that both Gomes and TecLab managed to achieve better Superposition scores than the higher-tier RTX 4080 (stock). If we focus on the TecLab results, we note that its memory mod and OC precipitated 30% better performance in Superposition. The result means that the modded Galax also performed over 7% faster than the stock RTX 4080 in the benchmark.

The latest ‘Blackwell’ RTX 50 series rumors suggest we could be getting a new GeForce line with GDDR7 memory delivering up to 28 Gbps at launch, with the memory maker roadmaps targeting up to 40 Gbps. Don’t expect the first RTX 50 cards until the last quarter of 2024 when the top RTX 5080 and 5090 models are likely to launch first.