Nvidia GeForce G-Assist AI April Fool’s joke may soon become a serious product

Nvidia has revived an April Fool’s Day joke from 2017. It reposted a tweet introducing an AI assistant for gamers. This timely revival suggests Nvidia may announce new AI features for gamers at its upcoming keynote just before Computex 2024 kicks-off.

Along with its highlighting of the classic prank, Nvidia included the tagline, “the future is never far away.” It’s outlandish to think Nvidia would make the fictional Nvidia GeForce G-Assist into a real product, but it could be teasing AI assistant features coming soon for gamers. 

In the video accompanying the 2017 tweet, Nvidia announced a USB stick called the GeForce GTX G-Assist. This device was supposed to be able to take over for you in a game if you had to step away. It could also help you defeat hard bosses in games.

Of course, there’s almost no way Nvidia would release such a product. Games today are laden with ways to stop cheating, and this sort of thing would likely get gamers banned from some of their favorite games.

One feature of the G-Assist could be useful, though. Near the end of the video, a feature called Nvidia Nurture would analyze your gaming experience and remind you to take a break to grab a bite to eat or something to drink.

Other features could include providing a custom overlay during your game to help you. It could search for game walkthroughs of difficult parts, and display them while you work your way through to the last stages of that challenging game. It might also dig up information about other players to give you a competitive edge.

So, no, we don’t for one minute think that Nvidia will be announcing a device to help you cheat in a game. However, machine learning and other AI technologies have come a long way and definitely could prove helpful to gamers in other ways.

We don’t have long to wait. Nvidia’s upcoming keynote, which we already know will be focused on AI, is on June 2.