Nothing Phone Will Have a Mid-Range Snapdragon Processor – CNET

As the countdown clock ticks on for the Nothing Phone 1 launch, more details are emerging about the phone. Last year, founder Carl Pei revealed that the startup company partnered with Qualcomm to use its chips in Nothing products. Because the new phone will run on an Android system, it was rumored that Nothing Phone 1 may operate with the latest Snapdragon flagship processor such as the 8 Gen 1. However, according to a report from Input Mag, the phone will use the midrange 778G+ Snapdragon chip.

Specially customized for Nothing, the processor includes the added features of wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, setting it apart from the standard 778G chip. Input Mag confirmed the news with Pei, who explained that this chip is more power-efficient and won’t sacrifice performance. Users should be able to expect a longer battery life and savings in cost and power.

The Nothing Phone 1 will launch on July 12 in the UK and throughout certain European markets. The smartphone will run on its own Nothing OS and features a translucent exterior with a dual rear camera. Earlier in June, the company announced the device’s Glyph Interface, where “lights are synced to flash in unique patterns to every custom sound.” With Glyph, users won’t have to look at their phone screens to see who’s calling or to check their phone’s battery status. 

Backed by Google, Nothing has its sights set on competing with Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone world. Will the chip choice affect its ability to undercut its rivals in price and performance? That remains to be seen. Tune in for the launch event on July 12 at 4 p.m. BST/11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT.