New RTX 4090 Cards Can Access Up to 1200W of Power

According to a report by VideoCardz, (opens in new tab) Galax is introducing two RTX 4090 Hall of Fame graphics cards to the public, the OC Lab and OC Lab Plus. These cards are among the thickest and most powerful 4090s in the literal sense, featuring very thick triple fan cooling solutions, and a whopping 1200W of theoretical power output thanks to dual 16-pin power connectors. If history is anything to go by, these Hall of Fame cards should be the most overbuilt 4090s to date, with the goal of breaking world records. Pricing and availability are unknown at this time.

The most surprising addition to the 4090 Hall of Fame, is the fact there are two models instead of just one. With the baseline model being the OC Lab, and the more powerful version named the OC Lab Plus. Unfortunately differences between the two are very minor, with the OC Lab Plus model featuring a measly 30MHz boost over the other model. 

We reported in November on a leaked picture of one of these Galxy HoF cards that Swedish overclocker Rauf shared with Nordic hardware. According to Benchlife, an RTX 4090 HoF card set 20 overclocking records (opens in new tab) around the same time.

Just like previous models, both 4090 HoF cards pack a completely white color aesthetic, with the shroud, fans and even the PCB colored in pure white. But, the most noteworthy change between the previous gen 3090 Ti HoF and the new 4090 models, is the addition of a large RGB-lit crown coming out from the center fan. 

In its full form, the crown is so large that it physically increases the card’s clearance requirements. But thankfully, the top part of the crown appears to be optional and can be removed if needed. 

Size wise, the RTX 4090 HoF cards are beefy cards – measuring in at 344 x 183 x 77mm. But depending on the way you view these cards, they aren’t the largest 4090s on the market. Asus’ ROG Strix model for instance, is still one of the largest cards to date, and is several mm longer than both 4090 HoF models. But the HoF models have the Strix beat in thickness and in height.

But, the real star of the show is the 4090 HoF’s power capacity, which is the best out of any RTX 4090 to date. In each model’s performance BIOS mode, the cards will have access to 666W of power consumption, 66 more than what a single 16-pin power connector can provide. 

It is a shame that the included BIOS is not equipped to handle anywhere near the limit of what two 16-pin connectors can provide, but don’t be surprised to see 4090 HoF cards hitting that limit anyways thanks to modified BIOS firmware in the future.