New PlayStation 4 jailbreak accomplished using select LG Smart TVs running webOS

A new rooting method shows a jailbreak for the PlayStation 4 game console using an LG Smart TV. This method is unique, as it highlights the possibility of jailbreaking a device with nothing more than a smart TV, further increasing the accessibility of using homebrewed options. Several other methods have been used to root the PlayStation 4, such as the ESP32 or a Raspberry Pi

The process requires an LG Smart TV rooted with the WebOS Homebrew Channel. After installing and running the Homebrew Channel, the user must enable an SSH server and ‘Block system updates’ since the PlayStation 4 jailbreak method is accomplished via the Ethernet connection. After the reboot and a series of steps, the PPLFPwm mod is installed on the PlayStation 4.

Typical with the PPPwm method, the jailbreak is not permanently installed on the PlayStation 4 and hence requires the user to re-run the process when the system is turned on or rebooted.

There are challenges apart from having an LG Smart TV. Not all LG Smart TVs can be rooted as it requires the webOS that has not been patched since mid-2022. The only LG Smart TVs qualified for this jailbreak are those that never used an internet connection or had auto-update turned off before mid-2022. Additionally, it will require the LG Smart TV to have its dev mode disabled in this configuration. The PPPwm jailbreak method works with PlayStation 4 firmware 11.00 and hence PPLGPwm will work. 

The process of using a SmartTV with homebrewed software to jailbreak a PlayStation 4 is no doubt impressive. While jailbreaking a gaming console is not new, companies take multiple steps to deter a direct rooting method with newer firmware and hardware changes. Furthermore, using a rooted device to root another type of system made by a different manufacturer shows the community’s resiliency, as it requires time, effort, collaboration, and further research to achieve such success. This further encourages more homebrewed software and methods not limited to gaming consoles. 

Despite LG’s steps to ensure its devices cannot be rooted, many hackers find creative ways to bypass these limits. Such methods could further popularize using Smart TVs to deliver jailbreaks for other devices.