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Nectar Premier Copper Mattress Review


  • Gel memory foam offers body conforming qualities
  • Two support options make it versatile for all body types
  • Cooling features are nice for hot sleepers
  • Accommodating firmness for all sleeper types

Don’t like

  • Not as affordable as the other Nectar beds
  • Not the softest option for side and combination sleepers
  • Not the most “active cooling” option

Besides having one of the longest names in the online space, the Nectar Premier Copper mattress is also the brand’s top-tier offering. It’s a quality mattress designed for memory foam lovers who sleep on the warmer side. It has copper fibers in the cover and a phase change material to help with cooling.

But how much of that stuff is the truth, and how much is just marketing? In this review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about this bed from my first hand-experience with it.

First impressions

Nectar sent this bed for free to review, but it still arrived at the office the way anyone else would get it, inside of a large cardboard box. I dragged it into the space, began ripping off all the packaging, and within about 10 minutes, I had a brand new mattress to test out.

Since this is an all-foam mattress, it looked slightly misshapen right after the unboxing. The bed didn’t quite look like itself — almost like it was depressed. I always experience this with foam mattresses, so you should know it’s a completely normal part of the process. I gave it a night to expand on the frame.


Dillon Payne/CNET

When I returned in the morning, it was mattress testing time. The bed looked properly inflated and right as rain. Upon testing responsiveness, I noticed its cover was cool to the touch — maybe some of those copper fibers at work here. 

It’s a bit different to the feel and firmness of the flagship Nectar bed. That option is more affordable, but it has a specific firmness and feel that might not be right for everyone. But I digress: If you want to see how I felt about it, check out our video review below.


Dillon Payne/CNET

Video: Nectar Premier Copper mattress

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Nectar Premier Copper mattress firmness and feel

What does Nectar Premier Copper feel like?

Compared to the flagship Nectar, the Premier Copper presents more of a responsive memory foam feel. Its top layer of gel memory foam provides some sink-in quality, but I found it to be not as viscous as what’s found on the original Nectar. This type should still appeal to memory foam lovers, without excluding those who maybe aren’t the biggest fan of the material. The type of responsive memory foam feel here is comparable to options like Layla or Amerisleep AS3.

How firm is the Nectar Premier Copper mattress?

Based on my tests, I found this bed to sit in between a medium and a medium-firm on our scale. It’s a bit softer than the flagship Nectar bed but slightly firmer than Nectar Premier. This firmness makes it a viable option for all sleep styles, but best for back and stomach sleeping given its slightly firmer profile.

We rank firmness based on the size of an average person, which is around 180 pounds. Heavier people could find this bed to be softer at a flat medium, while smaller individuals could go the other way and find it to be at a proper medium-firm. If you’re of a normal build this bed’s firmness should work for you, unless of course you’re looking for a much softer bed for side sleepers.

Nectar Premier Copper mattress construction


Dillon Payne/CNET

This premium memory foam mattress from Nectar is made up of some high quality materials. Here’s what’s going on under the hood of the all-foam version:

1. On the bottom, there’s a thick layer of dense support foam. This provides the foundation for the mattress, and gives it an all-foam design.

2. Then, there’s a more responsive foam that acts as a transition layer, and it even has a Zoned Support feature to help promote proper spinal alignment as you sleep.

3. Above that transition foam is one of the bed’s main layers of gel-infused memory foam. It’s also topped with a phase change material called ActiveCool to help out with temperature regulation.

4. On top of the mattress, you have the bed’s cooling copper cover. It’s noticeably cool to the touch and even has copper fibers to help draw away your bodily heat at night — who knew copper was so cool?

Nectar Premier Copper mattress performance

Motion isolation

If your partner is a light sleeper who wakes up at night easily, chances are you want a bed that’s great at isolating motion. Lucky for you, since all-foam beds with memory foam usually perform the best in this category, I’d say the Nectar Premier Copper is great in this regard.

I think this bed should deaden a good amount of cross mattress movement. You may find some better motion isolation on a denser memory foam mattress like the flagship Nectar or a Tempur-Pedic, but I doubt you’ll be running into many issues with waking your partner up.

Edge-to-edge support

If you sleep close to the edges of your mattress, you’ll want something with a sturdy perimeter. Since this is an all-foam mattress by default, I’d say it has decent edge support. You will probably notice a bit of a difference on the hybrid version of the bed, since the coils are reinforced along the edges of that model. But still, no real issues here with the standard, all-foam rendition.


Dillon Payne/CNET


Though the mattress is advertised as sleeping on the cooling side, I’d still classify it as a temperature-neutral bed. The copper fibers in the cover are supposed to help dispel bodily heat, but it’s hard to tell how much of that is real or just marketing. It may help you sleep a bit cooler, but I’d say it’s still not an active cooling option.

All that said, the Nectar Premier Copper mattress shouldn’t be warming up on you any time soon. With the phase change material on the bed’s memory foam layer, I can’t imagine many people sleeping hot on the Premier Copper. Keep in mind though, sleeping temperature varies on a case by case basis, and often depends on exterior factors unrelated to the bed itself.


For a thicker all-foam mattress, I’d say this is a durable bed. I think if you want the most durable version of the bed, you should look into the hybrid model because beds with coils typically last a bit longer than foam ones. Since the bed is on the thicker side, there should be a little less noticeable foam degradation over time.


There’s no getting around it; sometimes your brand-new mattress stinks right out of the box — and I mean that in the literal sense. Like other products that ship to you in a box, oftentimes, there’s a factory odor. Rest assured, nothing is wrong with your new bed. This smell is a completely normal part of the process and should go away after a couple of nights.

Who is the Nectar Premier Copper mattress best for?

It’s no secret by now this is a nice Nectar mattress. It’s a quality memory foam option with some cooling features, but it may not be right for everyone. Here’s who I think the Nectar Premier Copper will be most ideal for.

Sleeping position

Given that this is a slightly firmer mattress, I’d say it’ll work for all sleep styles with a slight support advantage for back and stomach sleepers. If you’re a combination sleeper who likes to rotate around at night, you can also easily get by on this bed. Just know, you’re getting a more responsive memory foam feel here, which some sleepers could find restrictive when moving around on the bed. 


Dillon Payne/CNET

If you’re more of a side sleeper looking at the Nectar lineup, you may wanna look into the Nectar Premier, as it’s the softest of the lot. If you are more of a back or stomach sleeper looking for the firmest option from, the flagship Nectar may be best for your preferences.

Body type

The Nectar Premier Copper is the thickest Nectar mattress. When it comes to foam beds, the thicker they are, the slower they’ll degrade under you over time. Even though this is an all-foam bed by default, it should work for all body types. If you’re a bigger person like myself, around 250 pounds, you’ll likely prefer the durability and support of the hybrid version of the mattress.

The hybrid model will cost you a bit more than the all-foam, but it’s only a price difference of around one hundred dollars or so. Even with that slight hike in price, the bed is still pretty affordable after discount. Speaking of that, though, let’s talk about pricing for this mattress!

Nectar Premier Copper mattress pricing


38×75 inches


Twin XL

38×80 inches



54×75 inches



60×80 inches



76×80 inches


Cal King

72×84 inches


Split King

72×84 inches


Since this is Nectar’s most premium bed, it naturally comes with the biggest price tag. But compared to other cooling hybrid beds in its class, it’s still priced pretty reasonably. After you factor in a discount, you should expect to pay around $1,250 for a queen size.

Trial, shipping and warranty

Nectar backs its beds with above-average policies. Its beds ship to you in a box for free, and once it’s in your possession, you get a 365-night trial period to try it at home risk-free. That’s a full year before you’re stuck with it. If you don’t like it within that time frame, you have a return option, but if you decide to keep it, you’re backed by a forever warranty. Just be sure to use the right foundation for the bed. Otherwise, you could void your bed’s warranty.

The final verdict

I’d check out the Nectar Premier Copper if you want a bed with a responsive memory foam feel that should work for all sleeper types. Also if you want the most cooling advantage from your Nectar bed, this may be the right mattress for you.

You might like the Nectar Premier Copper mattress if:

  • You want a premium memory foam mattress
  • You want a bed for all sleeper types
  • You like a bed with some cooling features
  • You want two support options to choose from

You might not like the Nectar Premier Copper if:

  • You want a more specific firmness level
  • You want a bed with a more neutral feel
  • You want a soft mattress for strict side sleeping
  • You’re on a super strict budget

Other mattresses from Nectar

As I mentioned earlier, Nectar offers more than the Premier Copper. The bed is also available as a hybrid mattress, and you also have those two support options on the Nectar Premier and the flagship Nectar.

How does the Nectar Premier Copper compare to other mattresses? 

Nectar Premier Copper vs. Nectar Premier

When it comes to comparing these two more enhanced Nectar beds, there are a few things to take note of. The first difference has to do with the firmness level of each bed. Nectar Premier is a proper medium on our scale, which is great for all sleeper types, including side sleepers. The Nectar Premier Copper is between a medium and a medium-firm, which works fine for all sleep styles, but is better for back and stomach sleepers.

Another key difference has to do with cooling. Both use a phase change material on top of thei gel memory foam layers, but the Premier Copper goes the extra mile by using copper fibers in the cover to help draw away bodily heat at night. The difference in sleeping temperature is comparatively slight, but if sleeping cool is your top priority, check out the Premier Copper over Nectar Premier.  

Nectar Premier Copper vs. DreamCloud Premier Rest

These are the top-tier options from both Nectar and DreamCloud. Though they’re the most premium beds, they’re quite different in many ways. The DreamCloud Premier Rest is on the softer side for side sleepers, while the Nectar Premier Copper is on the slightly firmer end. Both have a memory foam feel, but you get a bit of a sink-in quality from the DreamCloud Premier Rest. 

Nectar Premier Copper mattress FAQs

What is the firmness of a Nectar Premier Copper Mattress?

This bed sits in between a medium and a medium-firm on our scale. It should work for all sleeper types with a slight support advantage for primary back and stomach sleepers. This is also a great firmness level for combination sleepers who like to rotate between different sleeping positions as they sleep. The firmness of this bed is the same whether you go the all-foam or hybrid support route.

What does copper infusion do for a mattress?

Copper-infused foams and covers within beds may help regulate temperature. Copper can draw away your bodily heat at night, causing you to sleep slightly cooler. I don’t often notice copper-infused materials making a big difference when it comes to sleeping temperature. I mainly see it as a marketing tactic for online brands to advertise their beds as sleeping cool. Nevertheless, it could move the needle for you.