Nearly 90% of organizations suffer damage after a security incident

Security incident response was analyzed in a recent report by Cado Security. According to the report, nearly 90% of organizations suffer damage before containing and investigating incidents. Organizations report that 23% of cloud alerts remain uninvestigated due to various challenges and complexities.

The report found that 82% of organizations report the need to use multiple platforms and tools to perform investigations in the cloud. Further, 34% of organizations report limited cybersecurity skills specific to cloud technologies. Forty-two percent of organizations report that the main compliance challenge beyond cloud adoption is the lack of visibility into data, and 34% of respondents have been fined for not meeting regulatory requirements.

The report uncovered that organizations have slightly improved their ability to handle cloud investigations, with respondents reporting that 23% of cloud alerts are never investigated, compared to over 33% in 2021. Eighty-three percent have allocated a budget for cloud forensics, emphasizing the growing importance of forensics capabilities in managing cloud security.

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