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I’m the kind of person who will finish a mug of coffee after it’s lost every bit of its initial heat. I won’t enjoy it, but I’ll do it. I could walk from my desk to the microwave to reheat it, but I’ve scorched many a coffee and that’s no more enjoyable.

Get the most out of Cyber Monday 2023

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Enter the Mr. Coffee mug warmer, now 34% off for $13.20 at Amazon. Even at full price ($20) it’s been worth every penny in coffee enjoyment for me. And having something nearby to warm my hands through cold, gray Michigan winters in a drafty old house has been a huge bonus.

Admittedly, my warmer is showing some signs of wear after a year of heavy use. Some of the black finish on the warming element is chipping away to reveal bare metal below. It doesn’t feel like it’s built to withstand a ton of abuse, but I have no complaints after calling on its services for hours a day for months on end.

Mr. Coffee (it’s not required to call it Mr. Coffee, but it feels like it is) will probably get less play now that I’ve moved to Arizona. But, whether it’s a day with a low in the 20s or a low in the 60s, sometimes all I want is a warm beverage that stays warm.

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