Microsoft announces three new Xbox console options and hints at its Xbox handheld plans

Microsoft has prepared three new Xbox console configurations for launch ahead of the holiday season. Admittedly, the new offerings aren’t earth-shattering, mainly switching up console color and storage options. However, in a post-showcase interview, Xbox chief Phil Spencer stirred some excitement by dropping the biggest hints yet about an Xbox Handheld.

During the Xbox Games Showcase a few hours ago Microsoft said it will release the Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital Edition in Robot White, and Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition, in time for Christmas. It has also readied an Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White.

The new Xbox trio delivers mainly minor changes to styling and storage configurations. Microsoft’s biggest eye-brow-raiser at its showcase was probably the Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital Edition. Removing the optical drive should shave a few dollars off the Xbox Series X console price for digital-only gamers, and it will be available later this year for a $449.99/€499.99 ERP. However, the regular Xbox Series X – 1TB is currently on offer for $449.99 in the U.S., so the disc-less version will have to be cheaper to sell.

On the topic of Xbox Series X variants, Microsoft is also touting a new – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition. It is just a double storage version with a $599.99/€649.99
ERP. A speckled finish is supposed to invoke feelings of exploration and adventure in outer space…

Most affordably, the new Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White is simply a white version of the existing Carbon Black model. So, it delivers a new color option, that is all. Pricing of $349.99/€349.99 ERP is the same as the black model, and $50 more than the 512 GB edition. All Xbox Series S consoles are all-digital.

New Xbox configuration pre-orders will become available soon, promises Microsoft. If you are interested, keep your eyes peeled for announcements specific to your region.

Xbox Handheld ‘almost confirmed’

In an interview with IGN, held after the showcase event, Xbox’s Phil Spencer did nothing to quash rumors about an Xbox handheld. Spencer interrupted the host, who highlighted the gap in the Xbox market and blurted out “I think we should have a handheld too!” Spencer went on to add that he was excited about the Microsoft development team’s work on “different form factors, different ways to play.”

Later in the interview, it was interesting to hear Spencer say that he thinks handhelds should play games locally, like the Asus ROG Ally, or Valve‘s Steam Deck. So, if there were to be an Xbox handheld in the pipeline, it shouldn’t be limited to games streaming. The audience watching the IGN interview cheered at this point.