McDonald’s McCrispy Gaming Chair Has a Fry Holder and Sandwich Warmer

The UK arm of McDonald’s is giving away a gaming chair to celebrate its new “game-changing” chicken burger, the McCrispy. And we’re not sure if we’re lovin’ it.

The giveaway was announced on McDonald’s UK’s Facebook page with a video showcasing the yellow and black racing-style design, as well as garish/gimmicky additions such as a fry holder, a “hot box to keep your McCrispy warm during game-play” a stain proof treatment (which this will need if you’re eating greasy food while sitting in it) and slots for two of your favorite dips.

It’s unclear what partners McDonald’s UK worked with to create the chair fit for Mayor McCheese. It wouldn’t surprise me if the company worked with a partner. McDonald’s UK and its public relations firm for the contest didn’t respond to requests for comments about the McCrispy gaming chair in time for publication. We’ll update if we hear back.

McDonalds McCrispy Gaming Chair

(Image credit: McDonalds)

People in England, Scotland and Wales can enter on the McDonald’s Facebook page with the announcement video. Entries will close on November 13 at 11:59 p.m. GMT.

The chair appears to be the only one given away, though The Gamer suggests three more exist and were given to influencers. The terms and conditions for the contest lists just a single grand prize for the chair, while two runner-ups will receive a McCrispy Neon Light. So if you win, make sure the Hamburglar doesn’t run away with it; you won’t get another one. The terms state that “there is no cash alternative to the prize,” suggesting that it is, indeed, priceless.

We have lots of questions, like if the chair needs to be plugged in to keep the sandwich warmer operating, and why anyone would pick anything other than ketchup to dip their fries in. As long as the chair works better than McDonald’s ice cream machines here in the U.S., it should be fine.

But this is far from the first time we’ve seen a fast-food restaurant get involved in the gaming space. KFC and Cooler Master made the KFConsole, a PC based on the Intel NUC compute element which was delayed and then never released back in 2020. A Wendy’s-themed Super Smash Bros. level went semi-viral back in 2019 and, well, we’re all better off forgetting Burger King’s attempt at making games like Sneak King on the Xbox 360.

Heck, this arguably isn’t even the weirdest gaming chair out there. That honor still goes to Gigabyte’s inflatable recliner.

A winner will be selected within seven days of the end of the entry period. We imagine that whatever the winner eats in this chair will be a happy meal, indeed.