LG’s Star Wars C2 OLED TV Goes on Sale Tuesday – CNET

You don’t have to watch Obi-Wan Kenobi or any of the other Star Wars movies and shows on just any old television — LG is releasing a special edition of its 65-inch C2 OLED TV that’s tailor-made for them. The Galactic Empire-styled TV was revealed on the show floor of the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim last month, and isavailable exclusively from LG’s site from Tuesday.

It’ll set you back $2,999, making it pricier than standard model (which can be found for around $2,100).

This edition of the C2 features a Star Wars-inspired on-screen menu system, aesthetics and packaging that features Darth Vader. It also comes loaded with exclusive galleries of Star Wars content — from original, illustrated storyboards to posters of iconic scenes.

LG Star Wars C2 OLED TV Special Edition Magic Remote with "Star Wars" logo and red highlight

The TV has its own Magic Remote — don’t lose this one.


The Star Wars C2 will include a themed Magic Remote, and its user interface will mimic the look of a lightsaber. You’ll also hear the Sith Lord’s terrifying breathing when you turn the TV on.

There will be only 501 units released in the US — a reference to the real-world cosplay group and Vader’s elite stormtrooper unit in-universe — and each TV will include a numbered certificate of authenticity. Given Star Wars fans’ traditional passion for collectibles and limited-edition items, you can expect it to sell out almost immediately. It’s unclear when it’ll ship, but we’ve reached out to LG for comment.

LG Star Wars C2 OLED TV Special Edition back panel, with Galactic Empire's logo

The back of LG’s TV suggests it’d fit nicely in the Death Star’s entertainment center.


“The C2 offers image quality that’s a clear step above any non-OLED TV I’ve seen, a bigger range of sizes than ever — including a new 42-inch option — and a price that’s not too steep,” CNET’s David Katzmaier said of the standard, non-Star Wars model.

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