Lenovo unleashes lots of laptops for the fall video – CNET

Lenovo’s got a new crop of laptops for the fall with new tech and new designs. For fans of the PC maker’s high end showpiece X1 models, there’s the Thinkpad X1 Extreme. The first X1 with a 15 inch display and discreet Nvidia 1050 Ti graphics. Four layers of reinforced carbon fiber on top help protect the 4K Dolby Vision HDR display on the inside while keeping the weight down to less than 3.8 pounds. Other features like a privacy shutter on the web cam, far-field mics, and active pen support carry over from the Thinking Pad X1 Carbon. As does it’s claimed 15 hours of battery life. Starting at $1,860, it arrives in September. Following in October and November our new Yoga models, including Lenovo’s first That’s-not-a-2-in-1. Starting at $1,000, the new Yoga S730 is a traditional 13.3 inch clamshell with a power-sipping full HD display that promises up to ten hours of battery life. While running on Intel’s latest Whiskey Lake Processors. Then there’s the $1400.00 premium 14 inch Yoga C930 which is a 2 in 1. The 360 degree watchband hinges used on past models are gone. Replaced with a clever soundbar design right in the hinge. Plus, there’s Dolby ATMOS support for even more immersive audio. This display has Dolby Vision HDR support, too and that’ll come in HD and ultra HD resolutions. You’ll also get a privacy shutter for the webcam and an active pen that lives in the rear of the body The C930 is joined by the YOGA C630 WOS and that stands for Windows On Snapdragon and in this case it’s an eight core qualcom Snapdragon 850 Lenovo says the mobile chipset helps get this famous 13 inch two in one more than 25 hours of battery life And with built in LTE support, you’re always connected. Rounding things out is a trio of Chromebooks, including Lunova’s first premium model that starts at $600 and gets you an all aluminum 15″ two in one with up to a 4k resolution display, a backlit keyboard and 8th gen Intel Core I processor However if you’re firmly in the camp of chrombooks should be cheap, there’s the 280 dollar chromebook C330 and 250 dollar S330. Running on armed processors, the C330 is an 11.6 inch two-in-one. And the S330 is a 14 inch clamshell. Both ready to run Chrome OS and Android apps out of the box. Look for both of them in October.