Jedi: Survivor Receives Yet Another Performance-Enhancing Update

Jedi: Survivor has received yet another update on PC, featuring a plethora of bug fixes and performance enhancements. The majority of the performance improvements include further reductions to traversal hitching, improved CPU thread scheduling, and bug fixes with FSR. The update is available now for PC and will be coming later for consoles.

To refresh your memory, Jedi: Survivor launched in a terrible state last month. it was plagued by serious performance issues that made the game difficult to run on the Best GPUs, and made the game barely playable on lower-end machines according to gamers and reviewers. The performance problems were so bad that some of the press called Jedi: Survivor “The Worst Triple-A PC Port of 2023 So Far”.

Several hours after launch, EA promised gamers that it would publish several patches to fix the game’s horrendous performance issues. Since then, it has fulfilled that promise, providing five patches so far that have improved the game’s performance on PC and consoles, including this latest patch.

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The new patch notes for Jedi: Survivors latest patch (patch 5), is quite large featuring a plethora of bug fixes and performance updates for the game. The four updates tied to PC specifically, include improved content caching, improved thread handling when ray tracing is turned off, an FSR resolution fix that addresses resolution issues when FSR is turned off in conjunction with lowering PC visual quality settings, and a reset button fix when it is not responding on controller or keyboard. The Jedi: Survivor team also announced additional performance fixes and stability improvements to the game, but didn’t name them specifically.

The first two improvements, in particular, should be the most noticeable on PC and provide better frame rates in general when the game is CPU-bound, and reduce the amount of frame dips the Jedi: Survivor might encounter. But sadly, the promised CPU optimizations for Intel Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors are still not here, so expect continued performance issues with the game on these newer chips (specifically the models with P cores and E cores).

After playing the game personally for a few minutes, I can safely say the game performs noticeably better with the new patch, even with ray tracing enabled. The game is much smoother when traversing large areas in the game (particularly Koboh), with fewer frame dips overall.

Even though the game is performing quite well at this stage, the development team at Respawn is far from done polishing this game. The patch notes affirm that gamers should be on the lookout for future patches with even more optimizations.

For the full list of details, check out EA’s patch notes here. To re-iterate, the update is available now on PC and will be available at a future date for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.