Japan’s latest Kit Kat is medicine flavour – CNET


Kit Kat Cough Drop Flavour.


Damn, Japan, back at it again with the freaky Kit Kat flavours. The newest concoction? Chocolate containing real throat lozenge powder, called Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji — or Kit Kat Cough Drop Flavour. 

Every serving of the limited-edition release that graces the palette is 2.1 percent throat lozenge powder. Nestle says the ground cough drop powder is kneaded into the bar’s white chocolate layers, creating a “fresh and invigorating flavour.”

That guy on the packaging is Yasutaro Matsuki, a former national football (soccer) player and manager, who’s since expanded into enthusiastic sports commentary. The bar’s design is to support TV Asahi sports broadcasts — as well as helping to soothe throats.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t Japan’s first entry to a series of unfortunate Kit Kat flavours. Among limited-edition releases: Soy Sauce Kit Kat, Grilled Potato and Cherry Blossom.

The Cough Drop Kit Kat costs 140 yen (US $1.28) in Japanese convenience stores, and is available till September 10, after the last 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying game between Japan and Saudi Arabia on September 5.

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