Intel’s upcoming CPU models confirmed by diagnostic tool — Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake SKUs revealed

Patch notes for CPU-Z version 2.10 have confirmed the names of several upcoming Arrow Lake-S desktop processors and Lunar Lake mobile CPUs. The changelog features two Ultra 9, two Ultra 7, and two Ultra 5 variants boasting an unlocked ‘K’ SKU and lower-end locked model. The Lunar Lake chips also include several Ultra 9, Ultra 7, and Ultra 5 variants but feature an all-new ‘V’ terminology, which is new for this generation.

The Arrow Lake-S model names featured in the CPU-Z changelog are the Core Ultra 9 285K, Ultra 9 275, Core Ultra 7 265K, Ultra 255, Core Ultra 5 245K and Ultra 240. The model naming structure confirms that Intel will make an unlocked ‘K’ SKU variant for each lineup, accompanied by a vanilla model with no letting scheme. The only difference is that Arrow Lake has adopted the new Core Ultra naming scheme as Intel’s Meteor Lake processors.

These are by no means the only Arrow Lake-S processors we can expect from Intel; more models will inevitably come at launch, including low-powered variants and possibly Core Ultra 3 models (unless Intel refreshes the entry-level segment with Raptor Lake Refresh SKUs.) But these six main variants will comprise the bulk of Intel’s Arrow Lake desktop lineup.

(Image credit: CPUID)

The number of Lunar Lake SKUs shown in the CPU-Z patch notes is far more numerous than that of the Arrow Lake counterparts. The changelog reveals four Core Ultra 7 models and three Core Ultra 5 variants. Models listed are the Core Ultra 9 288V, Core Ultra 7 268V, 266V, 258V, and 256V, and Core Ultra 5 236V, 228V, and 226V (the latter of which is typed as 2266V by accident in the patch notes). These SKUs are virtually identical to our earlier coverage of nine Core Ultra 200V CPUs that were leaked.

Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake are expected to debut later this year. Lunar Lake is Intel’s next-generation mobile CPU architecture featuring up to 68% higher IPC on the E-cores and 14% higher IPC on the P-cores than Meteor Lake. The architecture was unveiled at Computex 2024, revealing most of Intel’s enhancements over previous architectures. Lunar Lake is aimed primarily at thin and light notebook devices, with its primary competition being Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series processors.

Arrow Lake is an off-shoot of Lunar Lake, optimized for performance. Arrow Lake will take up the reins of Intel’s previous Raptor Lake Refresh architecture, powering Intel’s next generation of desktop processors and next-generation of high-performance mobile processors.