Intel’s new fastest gaming CPU spotted at multiple European retailers — Core i9-14900KS costs $100 more for this binned CPU

The Intel Core i9-14900KS has surfaced at multiple retailers across Europe, and listings with price tags indicate that the flagship CPU will have a significantly higher price than the Core i9-14900K. Although it’s hard to trust pre-launch pricing for listings that clearly weren’t supposed to go public yet, one listing in particular may have plausible pricing, and would put the 14900KS a little above €700 or $750.

Retail leaks for upcoming hardware usually don’t happen at big sites like Amazon or Newegg, but at small regional stores that can be hard to track down. One such listing was leaked by @momomo_us on X, showing two different listings for the Core i9-14900KS on a French retailer we couldn’t identify. However, we were able to find several other listings for the 14900KS; one was at the Austrian site Singer and another three were all from Swiss retailers. We’ve compared these prices below (except for Singer’s which is priced unrealistically for over €1,000), and converted the Swiss sites’ Francs to Euros.

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Core i9-14900KS Pricing Comparison
Retailer Core i9-14900KS Core i9-14900K
Unknown French Retailer Box €640.29 (€768.34 after tax) ?
Unknown French Retailer Tray €627.19 (€752.62 after tax) ?
Orderflow €714.69 €582.37
freecall24 €718.48 €603.64
Scheuss & Partner €689.99 (€745.88 after tax) N/A

Euro pricing implies U.S. price tag of $699 for the Core i9-14900KS

Although it’s usually hard to trust pre-launch pricing, in this case the prices are so close together (especially for the Swiss retailers) that they seem very plausible. At around €700, the Intel Core-14900KS would have a price bump of roughly €100, which is about $100. That’s more or less the same as what we saw with the Core i9-13900KS, which launched for $699, while the regular Core i9-13900K came with a $589 price tag. That would also imply a U.S. price tag of $699 for the 14900KS.

The existence of these listings also strongly implies that the rumored March launch date for the Intel Core i9-14900KS could be accurate as well. Premature listings usually go up shortly before the intended launch date, though the 14900KS was first spotted very early in November at an Israeli retailer.

As for whether the Core i9-14900KS will be particularly competitive, it’s hard to say. We think it’ll sport a 6.2 GHz boost clock, a record-breaking out-of-the-box frequency for any CPU. When it launches it will be Intel’s fastest CPU and could be the fastest gaming CPU on the market, though it’s unclear if it will be all that much faster than the 14900K, which hits a clock speed of 6.0 GHz. Additionally, Zen 5-based Ryzen CPUs are expected later this year, making it unlikely that the 14900KS will stay competitive for long.