Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H Leaked in Geekbench

What appears to be a test run of an “Intel Corporation Meteor Lake Client Platform” has appeared in the Geekbench online results database. Spotted by Twitter/X user Benchleaks, said system was tested today. The purported new Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H powered computer, perhaps a whitebook test platform, scored 2439 and 12668 in Geekbench 6 single- and multi-threaded tests, respectively.

According to the Geekbench database, the Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H features 16 cores and 22 threads. Two core clusters were recorded by the benchmarking software: one with six cores, the other with 10. If the first set of cores are performance cores with Hyperthreading, that would tally with the 16C / 22T configuration observed. Other specs revealed during the software’s probing of the system were that the Ultra 7 1002H ran at a base / boost of 3.4 / 5.0 GHz.

Using the Geekbench online UI, we made a comparison between the Core Ultra 7 1002H and what we think may be its direct predecessor, the Core i7-13700H (in a Gigabyte Aero laptop). Both are 7-series and H-series laptop chips, so this should be a fair comparison generation over generation. 

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Intel Mobile CPU

Core Ultra 7 1002H

Core i7-13700H


Meteor Lake H

Raptor Lake H

Core config

16C / 22T

14C / 20T

CPU clock

1.7 – 4.8 GHz

3.4 – 5.0 GHz

L2 / L3 Cache

2 MB x2 / 24 MB

1.25 MB x2 / 24 MB

GB6 1T score



GB6 nT score



(Image credit: Future)

The system RAM reading of the Meteor Lake test laptop was unusual. Geekbench 6 said the system was packing 11.69 GB of RAM, but had no information about the memory type, transfer rates, or channels. Meanwhile, the rival Gigabyte Aero we selected for comparison had 16GB of DDR5-5200 in multi-channel configuration. We wonder if the Meteor Lake platform RAM detection issue was because of an esoteric new feature, like on-package LPDDR5X memory.

(Image credit: Future)

The single thread (1T) score of the purported new Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H is better than the Core i7-13700H laptop we put up for comparison. However, there are lots of other Core i7-13700H with better (and worse) Geekbench 1T scores. Similarly, there are Core i7-13700H laptops in the Geekbench database with better and worse multithreaded (nT) scores than the new MTL-H challenger. It is probably most disappointing that the Meteor Lake chip performed worse in the nT tests, as the design appears to have more cores at its disposal.

Overall, with just the single Core Ultra 7 1002H sample, there aren’t many conclusions that can be drawn. This is even more clearly the case as the results are so similar to a multitude of RPL-H predecessors in the Geekbench database.

Remember, Meteor Lake is Intel’s first foray into a mass produced consumer CPU which is chiplet-based. The strategy of splitting the 14th Gen Core processors between Raptor Lake Refresh for desktops and Meteor Lake for laptops hints that Intel had some difficulties affecting its original plans. However the iconic chip maker is making very confident noises about Meteor Lake.

Intel and partners are widely expected to be preparing to launch Meteor Lake chips and laptops at the impending Innovation event. Intel’s event runs Sept. 19 – 20, 2023, at the San Jose Convention Center in California.