Intel Inadvertently Leaks Gen11 Graphics Lineup

Credit: Tom's HardwareCredit: Tom’s Hardware

Intel’s latest Windows 10 DCH driver ( not only brought the revamped and renewed Intel Graphics Command Center but also the names and configurations of the chipmaker’s upcoming Gen11 integrated graphics solution, which is expected to make its debut with the company’s Ice Lake processors.

Windows DCH drivers are for running on Universal Windows Platform (UWP)-based editions of Windows 10. The details for the different Gen11 parts were hidden inside a small and simple INF file (Windows uses INF files to install software and drivers) included with the driver package.

The file lists a total of 11 variants of the Gen11 graphics processor divided into three distinguishable categories: Iris Plus Graphics, UHD Graphics and low-powered (LP) versions of the UHD Graphics.

Intel Gen11 Graphics Specs*

Model Number Codename Tier Execution Units Shading Units
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 950 iICL11LPGT2U6425W GT2 64 512
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 940 iICL11LPGT2U64 GT2 64 512
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 940 iICL11LPGT2U48 GT2 48 384
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 930 iICL11LPGT2Y64 GT2 64 512
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 930 iICL11LPGT2Y32 GT2 32 256
Intel UHD Graphics 920 iICL11LPGT2U32LM GT2 32 256
Intel UHD Graphics 910 iICL11LPGT2Y32LM GT2 32 256
Intel UHD Graphics, Gen11 LP iICL11LPGT2Y48 GT2 48 384
Intel UHD Graphics, Gen11 LP iICL11LPGT2Y48LM GT2 48 384
Intel UHD Graphics, Gen11 LP iICL11LPGT2U48LM GT2 48 384
Intel UHD Graphics, Gen11 LP iICL11LPGT2U32 GT2 32 256
Intel UHD Graphics, Gen11 LP iICL11LPGT0 GT0 N/A N/A
Intel UHD Graphics, Gen11 LP iICL11LPGT0P5 GT0 N/A N/A

*Specs have not been confirmed by Intel

According to the leaked information, the Iris Plus Graphics branding will continue to sit atop the pyramid. They’re expected to feature the most execution units (EUs) and highest clock speeds. The Iris Plus Graphics 950 is the flagship model with 64 EUs and, therefore, could be featured inside Intel’s high-end processors, such as Core i9 or Core i7.

On the other hand, the Iris Plus Graphics 940 will seemingly be available with 64 EUs or 48 EUs. A previous leak indicated that the Iris Plus Graphics 940 outperforms Intel’s own Iris UHD Graphics 620 and AMD’s Vega 10 by a considerable margin. So, it’ll be interesting to see what Iris Plus Graphics 950 can bring to the table. Finally, the Iris Plus Graphics 930 will come in 64 EUs and 32 EUs flavors.

In terms of UHD Graphics, Intel will apparently offer the 920 and 910, both equipped with 32 EUs each. The UHD Graphics 920 is expected to cater specifically to U-series Ice Lake processors, while the UHD Graphics 910 is expected to be inside Y-series chips.

The low-powered UHD Graphics SKUs range from 32 EUs to 48 EUs. Despite being power-limited variants, Gen11 LP looks like it delivers a very respectable performance against Vega 10 as proven by an Ashes of the Singularity leak. However, there are two Gen11 LP parts that really stand out from the rest. Both carry the GT0 setup, which denotes that the processor lacks an iGPU (integrated Graphics Processing Unit). Therefore, it’s safe to assume Intel will continue to offer F-series chips with Ice Lake.