Intel Bluetooth driver update alleviates PS5 DualSense controller connectivity issues

Intel has provided a new Bluetooth driver update with several quality-of-life improvements for its wireless cards. Most notably, connectivity improvements have been made where a secondary PlayStation 5 DualSense gaming controller is connected to a single PC — a configuration gamers often use to play co-op games from a PS5 and a gaming PC. Intel has also added Bluetooth QoL improvements after a system comes out of hibernation or sleep mode.

This new update should be very welcome for the many PC gamers who use a dual-sense controller. Since it debuted with the PS5, Sony’s latest gaming controller has reportedly had consistent reliability issues regarding its Bluetooth functionality. Numerous user reports on Reddit, Steam, Microsoft forums, and other sites complaining about Bluetooth connectivity issues with these controllers.

The main culprits appear to be range issues and interference from other radio frequencies — such as Wi-Fi. One lengthy Reddit exchange reveals that several different dual-sense gamers are struggling with many problems surrounding Bluetooth connectivity. For some, blocking the controller’s line of sight with their legs will severely hamper and cause intermittent connectivity (6FT away from the host system). Another user reports that he can sit 15 feet away from his Xbox Series X and has zero issues with the Microsoft controller. However, sitting more than 5 feet away from his PS5 with the dual sense controller causes immediate problems.

This new update will undoubtedly help alleviate issues for gamers utilizing two of these controllers simultaneously with another player. The interesting tidbit is that Intel’s new driver update only improves connectivity when a second dual-sense controller is connected. As a result, this driver update won’t help gamers who might be having issues with just a single controller connected to their gaming PC.

The only other improvement Intel has provided in its latest Bluetooth driver update are stability improvements surrounding hibernation and sleep modes. This improvement should help ensure Bluetooth devices re-connect to their host system after the system comes out of hibernation or wakes up from sleep mode.

Intel’s new update applies to all its latest wireless controllers, including its Wi-Fi 6 AX101-203 cards, Wi-Fi 6E AX210-411 cards, and Wi-Fi 7 BE200 and BE202 cards.