How the Suez Canal Fiasco Could Change Global Shipping

AM: Indeed.

MC: Excellent. So you can all look forward to that. You can also look forward to our recommendations, which we are going to do after this break.


MC: All right. Welcome back. This is the last portion of our show, where we ask our guests and hosts to recommend something to listen to, enjoy, consume. Aarian you are our guest, you go first, please tell us your recommendation.

AM: Okay. I actually have a product this time. I feel like every time I come on here, I say something vague, like spring cleaning, like taking walks.

LG: It must be a Washington DC thing because Gilad does the same thing when he joins us.

AM: It’s terrible. But I have a laptop stand that I’ve been using called the Moft laptop stand that sticks onto the bottom of your laptop and it’s only three ounces so it’s super light. I was just visiting my vaccinated parents for a few days, for the first time in a long time, and I brought my laptop to do work and the stand made it feel like I could maintain my posture, which I really appreciated and it’s not at all heavy. So that is my recommendation.

LG: How tall is it? How much of a boost does it give the machine?

AM: Well, I’m looking at it right now and I’m terrible at estimating these things, but it’s probably about five inches.

LG: Oh yeah. Look at that. It’s pretty nifty. I’m looking at a photo on the internet right now.

AM: Yeah. I like it.

LG: It’s pretty sleek and it looks like it would be easy to pack. It’s basically like the smart stand that you get with your iPad, Mike-

MC: Yeah.

LG: … the smart cover, it looks like a version of that, but for your MacBook.

AM: Yeah. And it just lives on the bottom of my laptop now.

MC: Very cool.

LG: Surely nice.

MC: Totally getting one.

LG: That’s cool.

MC: Lauren, what is your recommendation?

LG: My recommendation is spring cleaning.

MC: Five stars.

LG: Five stars. No. Okay. So my recommendation, I have to say with a caveat, I’m not making any commitments here, but I started using the Peloton marathon training program. Some of you may know that a few of us at WIRED are Peloton users. In fact, I just made a video about it online, on the Twitter. So go to WIRED’s Twitter account, and you can find that video. But you don’t have to have the Peloton treadmill or bike in order to use the mobile app and so on the mobile app, there are a bunch of different workouts and there are programs and one of the programs is the road to 26.2, breaks it into two parts. It’s really designed for first-time marathon runners. I have never ran a marathon before, I’ve ran half marathons, and whenever I finished a half marathon, I’ve said to myself, I don’t think I could do that twice in a row. So this would be a really big thing if I did it, but I just started using the marathon training app for fun and so far, I am enjoying it.

MC: Nice. When is your first marathon going to be then?

LG: Well-

MC: Public declaration of intent, it’s very important.

LG: I guess if I were to do it, it’d probably be in the fall, like San Francisco in the fall…