Healthcare and finance were prominent cyberattack targets in 2023

A report by Soax discusses the cyberattack trends observed in the United States in 2023. The report found that the healthcare and finance industries were most targeted by cyberattacks.

The healthcare sector experienced 809 data breaches, representing a 136% increase from 2022. An estimated 56 million victims were affected by these breaches. 

As for the financial sector, 744 data violation incidents were reported in 2023. This represents a 177% increase from 2022. Furthermore, 61 million individuals were impacted by these events. 

Other sectors that experienced notable attacks include: 

  • Professional services (308 data violation cases) 
  • Manufacturing (259 data violation cases) 
  • Education (173 data violation cases) 
  • Technology (167 data violation cases) 
  • Retail (119 data violation cases).