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Well 2021 is off to a hell of a start. Yeah. But Motorola has four distractions in the form of four new budget phones, all of them under $400 and the cheapest one cost is $170. So let’s take a look at these truly affordable phones. [BLANK_AUDIO] Now Motorola is no stranger when it comes to creating a compelling feature packed phone that won’t break the bank. Since 2013 they have sold over a hundred million Moto G phones and this year’s lineup looks pretty Promising. Okay, there are three new MOTO G phones, the MOTO G STYLUS, the MOTO G POWER, and returning to the lineup, the Uber affordable, MOTO G PLAY. Joining this G trio, is one of the lowest priced, 5g phones, you can get in the US. The Motorola 15GHs all four phones are available in the US and will be sold unlocked. So let’s break things down. Well a bit Okay, so this video is an overview of the four phones otherwise it would be like an hour long and we’ll be doing in depth testing and analysis over the coming weeks and months. So let’s start with the most conspicuous phone of the group the Motorola one five Li ace. Now if it seems familiar, it’s because there’s a Motorola one 5g from last year, that is still available through at&t and Verizon. And as the name might suggest, the A supports 5g, specifically the sub six flavour of 5g, which is compatible with the 5g networks from all major US carriers. At $400 the Motorola one 5g Ace is an affordable 5g phone but there are other budget 5g phones to consider. At the time I’m recording this video. There’s the $400 TCL 10 five fee, and the even cheaper $300 one plus Nord 10. 5g which just went on sale in the us this week. The ace has an enjoyable. Chunky design and this particular one sports a sweet business casual silver speckled finish, which is called frosty silver. Fun fact frosty silver is also the state name my grandmother uses when performing karaoke. Some of the phones stoutness comes from it housing a 5000 milliamp hour battery, which Motorola claims will survive two days on a single charge. When we tested the at&t version of last year’s Motorola 15g that also had a 5000 milliamp hour battery. It scored the second longest time in our video battery tests of any phone in 2020. And that version has a 90 hertz high refresh rates screen whereas The ace doesn’t. You might be missing that but you might actually in theory get a little bit longer battery life because you don’t have the high refresh rates. Now essentially in the back is a postage stamp sized camera bump, which houses three cameras, a macro camera and ultra wide angle camera and a main camera with a 48 megapixel sensor. That uses pixel pinning to help improve photos taken on the light. Now gone is the nifty ring light flash that was built into the macro lens on last year’s one 5G as cool as that flash seemed I rarely used it in real life. And I think it’s a smarter mission. The Ace has a 6.7″ HD+ 10 display with a cutout for the selfie camera. Apparently this is a Snapdragon 750 353 processor and six gigabytes of RAM and like the three Moto G phones announced today, the ACE comes with Android 10. Now Motorola wanted to make these phones available to customers. ASAP so not including Android 11 allowed Motorola to put the phones on sale on January 14. Versus late February or March, when the G line has come out in previous years now Motorola does promised one major OS update, and two years of security updates on all four of these phones which, for this price range seems fair, but compare that to Pixel for A and the pixel for a five key from Google wicked three years of Android OS updates. So let’s talk about the three new Moto G phones. And let’s start with price. The Moto G stylus is $300. The Moto G power is $200 for one with three Gigabytes of RAM and 32 Gigabytes of storage or $250 for the version with four Gigabytes of RAM. And 64 gigabytes of storage and coming in, with the most affordable price of the group is the, $170 Moto G Play for the same price as an iPhone 12 Pro. You could buy 5.88 Moto G Play phones. I’m, not sure how you get like 88% of a phone. You know what that mean. Next, let’s talk about the battery. Motorola claims the Moto G stylus has a two day battery life and the Moto G power and G Play will get three days of battery life on a single charge. We’ll have to wait and test them. As far as the design. The Moto G phones are very similar in terms of aesthetics, the Moto G play and G power both have a square centred camera bump. While the Moto G stylus has a rectangular camera bump off to the left side, the Moto G stylus and G power have a side fingerprint reader that’s on the power button which can also be used to trigger software shortcuts. The Moto Z play has a rear fingerprint reader incorporated into the Motorola logo. Now all three phones like the Motorola one five G’s have a headphone jack. Out of the three. The Moto G stylus offers a triple rear camera including a dedicated depth sensor, and as its name suggests, it has a built in stylus for pinpoint control when doing things like editing photos, jotting notes, marking up screenshots, there’s an updated moto Notes app. With support for customizing colors, swipe to split screen interface so you can be reading it to one side and like watching a video on the other, as well as writing and text input. Another notable difference between the phones are the displays. The Moto G stylus has a 6.8 inch full HD display Moto G power has a 6.6 inch 720 HD display and the Moto G Play has a 6.5 inch 720 HD display. Finally in terms of processor, the new phones take a good, better, best strategy with a Moto G stylus having the most powerful. Processor of the three. Look, there’s so much more to talk about with each of these phones that I just don’t have time to do in this video. So check out my story on cnet.com where I go more in depth, these four phones offer so much value and each one’s at a different price point for different budgets. And this year there’s really clear benefits between going from one model, And upgrading to another and all that said, I looked forward to testing these Motorola phones out and doing an in depth review. And that’s all I got. But I wanna hear from you. What do you think of the four phones Motorola announced? Is there one that appeals more to you than the others? And have you ever owned a Motorola Qi phone before? If so, would you consider buying one of these are your thoughts in the comments?