Halo Infinite Forge Mode Delayed to November, Split-Screen Co-Op Canceled – CNET

Halo Infinite came out at the end of 2021 without some features the series is known for. On Thursday, developer 343 Industries provided an update of when players could see them added to the game. 

Forge mode — the level editor feature allowing players to create their own maps — will now have a beta launching on Nov. 8 instead of in September when initially planned, according to the dev team in a video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday. 

That day will also be when network co-operative mode will be available to let players team up online. However, split-screen co-op has been officially canceled. Two new maps, Detachment and Argyle, will launch sometime during the Winter Update, which starts in November and ends in March. 

Another delay is with the start of season 3 of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Instead of beginning in November, the third season will move to March, which makes the current season 2 last for 10 months. 

Halo Infinite launched in two phases in 2021, with the multiplayer happening in November and the campaign going live in December. The game’s unfinished multiplayer was one of the issues longtime fans had with the game, even though it was a Day 1 title available on Xbox Game Pass.

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