Gunnir Slashes Intel Arc GPU Prices Up to 34% in China

Gunnir, a Chinese graphics card manufacturer, has announced new graphics cards based on the Arc A770 and Arc A750, two of the best graphics cards. As per a report from ITHome (opens in new tab), Gunnir has also issued temporary price cuts on the entire Arc Alchemist lineup to help move some inventory.

The Arc A770 Photon 16G OC W and Arc A750 Photon 8G OC W are the two newest additions to Gunnir’s product portfolio, exclusively comprised of Intel graphics cards. The graphics cards are white versions of Gunnir’s existing Arc A770 Photon 16G OC and Arc A750 Photon 8G OC. They sport the same 2.5-slot design and retain identical cooling systems as their vanilla counterparts. The robust cooler features three 90 mm cooling fans and pushes the graphics card’s length to 300 mm.

The Arc A770 Photon 16G OC W and Arc A750 Photon 8G OC W feature an excellent factory overclock out of the box. In addition, the duo has a boost clock speed of up to 2,400 MHz, 300 MHz higher than Intel’s Arc A770 and Arc A750 Limited Edition SKUs. Gunnir rates both graphics cards with a PL1 of 195W so that PC builders can get by with a 650W power supply unit as a minimum.

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Model Previous Pricing New Pricing Pricing Decrease
Arc A380 Index 6G $173 $115 34%
Arc A380 Photon 6G OC $188 $130 31%
Arc A750 Photon 8G OC $361 $260 28%
Arc A750 Photon OC W $375 $267 29%
Arc A750 Flux 8G OC $375 $310 17%
Arc A770 Photon 16G OC $433 $375 13%
Arc A770 Photon 16G OC W $448 $390 13%
Arc A770 Flux 8G OC $419 $361 14%

In other news, Gunnir aims to bolster Intel Arc graphics card sales with juicy discounts. The promotion starts today and ends on May 10. Gunnir offers discounts of over 30% on entry-level Arc A380 models. There are some excellent savings on the Arc A750, too, although not as significant. The Arc A750 custom models are temporarily between 17% and 28% cheaper. Meanwhile, the Arc A770 pricing is up to 14% lower.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is only running discounts with Chinese retailers, such as Gunnir-branded Arc graphics cards are available on Newegg through third-party sellers, but they retain regular pricing. For example, the Arc A380 Photon 6G OC retails for $159.99 (opens in new tab), while the same graphics card currently sells for $130 in China.

While it’s great to have a third competitor in the graphics card market finally, Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards haven’t made a significant impact. The chipmaker recently slashed the Arc A750’s pricing to $249 to make it more competitive. We haven’t seen any glimpses of any Arc Alchemist SKUs on the best-selling graphics card list or Steam’s monthly hardware survey. Perhaps, Intel will make a bigger splash with Battlemage, which, barring any setbacks, should hit the market in 2024.