Google Fi Adds Free Trial Option and Watch Support, Rebrands as Google Fi Wireless – CNET

Google Fi is getting a little update. On Wednesday, the search giant’s wireless service (which runs on T-Mobile’s network) introduced a few tweaks and updates, including a rebrand to Google Fi Wireless, the ability to connect smartwatches, and a free trial program. 

The changes, which go into effect today, were detailed on Google’s blog. Here are the two to be aware of (beyond the inclusion of “wireless” in the carrier’s name): 

  • Free smartwatch connectivity — Google Fi is finally supporting connected watches, at least Google’s own Pixel Watch and Samsung’s watches. With today’s change, people with a cellular version of one of those watches can add it to any Google Fi Wireless plan for no extra charge. Other carriers generally charge around $10 per month to add a cellular plan to a smartwatch, making this a welcome change for folks who want the extra connectivity. There’s no mention of Apple Watch support, however, so Apple users seem to be out of luck for now (though at least Google Fi users can finally get 5G on their iPhones). 
  • New free trial offer — Similar to recent moves by a number of players, including T-Mobile, Verizon and Cricket (which is owned by AT&T), there is now a free trial offer to let you sample Google Fi Wireless so long as you have a compatible and unlocked phone that can use eSIM. Unlike the big three carriers’ respective offers, Google’s trial is shorter and capped at seven days and it requires you to enter your credit card information. If you don’t cancel after the seven days are up, you will automatically be charged for the provider’s Simply Unlimited plan which starts at $50 per month for a single line. 

Speaking of Simply Unlimited, Google is making a small tweak to that plan as well by making the cost of having two, three or four lines $80 per month. This marks a $5 per month increase compared to its previous price for three lines, though the company says it will be crediting users back the $5 for the next three billing cycles. 

Google is also revamping its Fi Wireless app to allow for a more “family-centric design” including the ability to easier manage who can contact children that are on a family plan or add additional users. The company says that this update will begin rolling out today and continue “over the coming weeks.”