Gigabyte shows off white Aorus Xtreme Ice RTX 4080 Super — limited run with ‘very tight’ availability expected

According to a Gigabyte Vietnam Facebook posting, the Gigabyte Xtreme Ice Aorus Xtreme RTX 4080 Super photos with “Bionic shark fans” spotted yesterday are in fact legitimate, and point to an imminent-but-unspecified limited-run release. The white take on the previously black-and-gold Aorus Xtreme design looks pretty grandiose in its own right, and the GPU is one of the best graphics cards.

Similar to Gigabyte’s other Aorus Ice GPUs, the Xtreme Ice is a white, air-cooled GPU. However, this is actually a break away from the Aorus Xtreme tradition of WaterForce GPU coolers. That could be why these will apparently be limited to only 300 GPUs, according to VideoCardz — sold in bundles that include everything you’d need, except for a case, CPU, and SSD.

We reached out to Gigabyte for comment, who told us: “The XTREME ICE is a limited-edition series that will be launching in the near future. Availability is expected to be very tight. The MB and GPUs will include an exclusive gold serial plaque.”

Compared to the stock RTX 4080 Super, the Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme Ice differences include a 150 MHz overclock to 2.7 GHz, RGB lighting, and a built-in screen. The massive triple-fan, triple-slot cooler design will appeal to users who have plenty of room in their cases, and who value cooler temperatures.

Gigabyte boasts in its announcement slides that its 2.7 GHz clock is an unprecedented factory OC of the 4080 Super. Additionally, they estimate 885 AI TOPs performance compared to the 836 AI TOPs of the stock 4080 Super, which is a nice bonus for those who wish to leverage AI workloads. The cards will feature dual BIOS functionality and come with a 4-year warranty period.

The Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme Ice RTX 4080 Super will be available in a limited-run bundle, with an unknown launch date. The GPUs will come bundled with other white Aorus PC components, specifically a 1000W power supply, an Intel Z790 motherboard, and a 360mm liquid cooler. Curiously, Gigabyte isn’t including one of its Aorus Gen5 SSDs.

The total bundle will likely cost quite a bit, considering its components. The GPU on its own starts at $999, and overclocked variants can go for $1,300 or more. We’ll have to wait and see, but $2,000 (give or take) for the entire bundle wouldn’t be shocking. Rumors suggest the bundle could go on sale within the next few weeks.