GeForce Now gains ‘Cloud G-Sync’ variable refresh rate tech — works with Macs using Apple silicon, Intel CPUs, and Radeon GPUs

Nvidia has added an adaptive refresh rate to GeForce Now, called “Cloud G-Sync.” Contrary to Nvidia’s nomenclature, this update supports not only GeForce-powered Windows PCs but also Apple PCs with supported Apple Silicon, Intel CPUs, and even Radeon Pro GPUs.

Nvidia’s cloud-based G-Sync solution works with Reflex technology to reduce system latency. Variable refresh capabilities are accomplished through Nvidia’s native GeForce Now app, which tells the monitor what refresh rate it should be running based on in-game frame rate. 

As a result, the system requirements are very strict at the moment. To enable G-Sync support, you must have either the native GeForce Now app for Windows or macOS. You must also be running Nvidia’s highest-end RTX 4080 Ultimate tier to access G-Sync. In addition, you’ll need a system sporting either a GTX 16 series or RTX 20 series GPU or a Mac system sporting supported hardware. The good news is that on the Windows side, you can use a G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible, or FreeSync display with GeForce Now’s flavor of G-Sync.

For more details, check out Nvidia’s support page, which is dedicated entirely to Cloud G-Sync.

GeForce Now Day Passes

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia is also now providing day passes for its GeForce Now cloud gaming service, allowing gamers to test drive Nvidia’s more premium subscription for a minor cost or use the service temporarily when they are away from their main gaming PC

Day passes represent the first significant change in Nvidia’s pricing model since GeForce Now came out of beta. Nvidia provides two tiers for its day passes, featuring Priority Day and Ultimate Day. These two passes are direct copies of Nvidia’s Priority and Ultimate memberships reduced to a 24-hour access window. Priority gives you access to RTX-enabled cloud gaming servers, a 6-hour session length, and 1080p 60 fps gaming. The Ultimate pass provides access to RTX 4080-grade servers featuring up to an 8-hour session length, 4K/ultrawide resolution support, and up to 120 fps support.

Nvidia’s new Day Passes are a great way for gamers to get their feet wet in Nvidia’s cloud streaming service if they have never tried it before. It is also a great middle-ground for people who don’t game all the time or are temporarily away from their gaming PC and need a powerful cloud solution for just a day or two. The Priority Day pass is $3.99, and the Ultimate Day pass is $7.99. For reference, Nvidia’s monthly Priority membership starts at $9.99, and its monthly Ultimate membership starts at $19.99.