GameSir’s Kaleid gaming controller is on sale for $47 — Hall Effect joysticks eliminate stick drift

If your standard controller isn’t doing it for you, or you’re beginning to encounter wear and tear issues with your current one, then this deal is a great opportunity to refresh your sticks or upgrade. 

There are many options for gaming controllers, and a standard Microsoft Xbox controller is a very popular choice if you’re looking for a gamepad that works on both the Xbox console and your PC. With easy compatibility with the Windows OS. The GameSir Kaleid also shares the same compatibility with your Xbox, PC, and Steam integration as it’s an Xbox-authorized controller.

As it’s the deal season and retailers begin to power up their sales events, Newegg starts the beginning of their Fantastech sales, and offers deals with a price protection guarantee should the item drop further in price later in the sales. You can grab the GameSir Kaleid Xbox-Authorized gaming controller for just $47 from Newegg.

The GameSir Kaleid connects to your console via a USB cable and is instantly recognized on either the Xbox or a Windows PC. It has some gamified aesthetics as the GameSir Kaleid uses a transparent case that lets bright RGB lighting shine through the chassis and illuminate your gaming space. But the real benefit is the Hall Effect switches and joysticks that are used; these magnetic joysticks and switches suffer less wear and tear compared to traditional joysticks and switches and therefore should not only last longer but also remain more accurate. This should help eliminate or reduce common stick-drift failures that have been prevalent in controllers that use joysticks with traditional setups.