Ford and Holoride bring in-car virtual reality to the masses – Roadshow

Ford, Holoride virtual reality experience

Look at how much fun they’re having. That could be you!


Holoride began its pursuit of redefining in-car entertainment with Audi earlier this year. A new partnership with Porsche blossomed just last month. This week, Ford is the latest to work with Holoride, but in a pretty big way.

Ford and Holoride have teamed up to give the general public a taste of the technology startup’s technology for the very first time. Thanks to some help from Universal Pictures, which created content for the public debut, anyone will be able to take a ride in a 2020 Ford Explorer outfitted with Holoride technology. Installed within is a new immersive experience based on The Bride of Frankenstein.

The “ride,” so to speak, will take place during certain hours and start at the designated Universal CityWalk pickup point, situated at Universal Pictures in California. From there, with the VR headsets on, riders will be taken into the virtual world on a mission to deliver some sort of message to Frankenstein. The entire shebang is full of obstacles, virtual monsters and plenty of other twists and turns that adapt to the 2020 Explorer’s movement while driving.

2020 Ford Explorers for Holoride partnership

2020 Ford Explorers for Holoride partnership

All these Explorers are ready to take riders on a VR experience.


Holoride’s tech use navigation data and route timing to make this all happen, but it also looks at steering input acceleration and braking to keep the VR experience matching the ride.

The public fun kicks off on Oct. 14 and will be available  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of the month. The final week, Nov. 4 through Nov. 9, will run Monday-Saturday. Seriously, tomorrow’s kids are going to have the coolest stuff to take advantage of during road trips.

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