Emojis Are Now Easier in Google Docs. Here’s How to Add Them – CNET

Adding emojis to Google Docs is about to get easier thanks to a new feature that allows people to search and insert the popular pictograms directly when typing, Google said in a blog post Monday. 

Inserting an emoji requires typing the “@” followed by relevant text, such as “smile” or “dog.” A dropdown menu will appear, allowing for quick selection. 

Here’s how Google Docs’ new emoji insertion feature works. 


Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The search giant introduced emojis in Google Docs earlier this year. The company said it added the characters after receiving feedback on providing less formal ways of expressing opinions. 

Docs, along with Chrome, Drive and Gmail, are part of the company’s large suite of mostly free products. Offering powerful tools helps keep people engaged with the Google ecosystem. It’s why Chrome remains the world’s most popular web browser, retaining 66% of the desktop browser market share. Chrome, along with Search, helps feed Google’s main revenue driver, online ad sales. Google parent Alphabet brought in $69.7 billion in revenue last quarter, just shy of its $70 billion target. Advertising made up $56.3 billion of that total.