Elon Musk Conducts Poll on Whether He Should Step Down as Twitter’s CEO – CNET

Elon Musk on Sunday launched a Twitter poll asking users to vote on whether he should step down as the social media platform’s chief executive.

“Should I step down as the head of Twitter?” he wrote in the poll’s question Sunday, adding that he would “abide by the results.”

As of this writing, based on 2.8 million votes, the Yes vote has a 15% edge over the No vote. The poll appears to be timed to expire around 3 a.m. PT Monday. 

Musk followed up the poll with a note promising that, in the future, there would be a vote for all major policy changes at the company.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Musk has a replacement in mind should his followers vote him out. Twitter, which no longer has a communications department, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Twitter has been somewhat chaotic since Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter on Oct. 27. About half the Twitter staff was laid off only days after Musk took charge, and the site briefly launched a new “blue check” verification service only to be plagued with trolls and fake “verified” accounts.

On Thursday, the social network also suspended several journalists — including from The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN — claiming they violated its rules. A day earlier, Twitter suspended over two dozen accounts on the site that use publicly available flight information to track the location of private jets, including the plane used by Twitter owner Musk.

Musk tweeted on Friday that accounts suspended in relation to his dispute with the account that tracked his jet would have their suspensions lifted, based on a public poll he’d conducted on Twitter. Musk has also conducted polls on whether he should sell Tesla stock and asked users if he should bring back the now-shuttered short-video service Vine.