Diversifying the security workforce

In this episode of The Security Podcasts featuring Larry Whiteside, Jr., CISO at RegScale and Co-Founder and President at Cyversity, we discusses the importance of diversity within the security workforce, the challenges security leaders face during the hiring process and how critical mentorship is when it comes developing talent.

“The reality is threat actors and our adversaries that are out there, and they don’t care about what someone looks like. They don’t care about what someone’s race is, they don’t care about what someone’s religion is, they care about money… and they only have to be right one time,” Whiteside says. “From a cyber practitioner’s standpoint, we need to be right all the time in our efforts to thwart what they’re doing. And so if you don’t have a diverse set of people who are thinking diversely based on their background, their upbringing, their learning, based on all these different things that lead to a diversity of thought, you aren’t going to have the most broad thought landscape as part of your team to think about how you protect your organization against the threats that they face.”

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