Disney to Hike Price of Ad-Free Hulu, Disney Plus – CNET

Disney is raising the price of several of its streaming offerings, including ad-free Hulu and Disney Plus, in the US.

Beginning Oct. 12, the ad-free version of Disney Plus will cost $14 per month (currently $11 per month) and Hulu without ads will cost $18 per month (currently $15 per month), the company said Wednesday. An annual Disney Plus without ads subscription will go from $110 per year to $140. The monthly price of Disney Plus and Hulu’s ad-supported tiers will not change, and neither will the annual price of ad-based Hulu. 

Disney is also introducing a new bundle on Sept. 6 and raising the price of two of its existing bundles that combine subscriptions to Disney Plus, Hulu and the ad-supported streaming service ESPN Plus (what the company calls a “Trio” bundle). The new bundle, Duo Premium, includes ad-free Disney Plus and Hulu and costs $20 per month, a $12 monthly savings if you were paying for the ad-free versions of both services separately. 

The existing Trio Basic (ad-supported versions of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu) bundle will cost $15 per month, up from $13, and Trio Premium (which is the same services but without ads for Disney Plus or Hulu) will cost $25 per month, up from $20. 

The Trio Basic price increase will be in October while Disney didn’t specify when Trio Premium will increase.

Standalone ESPN Plus is also getting a hike to its yearly and monthly price in October. It’s currently $10 per month and will rise to $11 per month. Its yearly cost will increase from $100 to $110 annually.

In addition, Hulu Plus Live TV with ads, which currently costs $70 per month, will cost $77 come October and the version that includes Hulu without ads, which costs $83 per month, will jump to $90 per month. 

Disney has increased the price of its streaming platforms each year since 2019, with the last hike implemented in fall 2022. Other streamers to announce price increases in the past few weeks include Starz, Paramount Plus and Peacock